Meet The Team

Danny Smith - Presenter

Danny has been DJing since 1993, starting out in nightclubs in his home town of Plymouth progressing to universities, festivals, bars and clubs throughout the UK. He has worked with some big names, contributing to the radio shows of Jonathan Ross, Steve Wright and appearing at a university graduation ball with Radio 1's "Chappers & Dave". He can also be seen DJing at various bars around St Albans and at many private functions. When he is not DJing, Danny writes a blog Aside from music, Danny's interests include yoga, keep fit, running, fine art, rare Cornish poetry and making up lies for biographies!

Ian Rogers - Producer

Ian is a former club/mobile DJ from the 1970's and a lover of music from 1950's to date, particularly 1960's.  He is also a regular at Clarence Park following St Albans City, both home and away.  When Ian's not working for Radio Verulam he works in the local community at the Oxfam bookshop and for the Saints City Trust.  His ambition is to get some of the tasks that Danny Smith gives him 100% right!

Chris Aikman - Writer/Producer

Chris got into radio at University, presenting several award-winning shows. Not able to give up the rush of sitting alone in a room talking to himself, he signed up to Radio Verulam. He is a self-appointed producer and writer on the show, writing the Made-Up News feature, alongside Harry Derbyshire. He also writes the frankly hilarious Radio Verulam Film Guide blog posts and runs the blog Aikman Writes Things, where he posts his own fiction.

Harry Derbyshire - Production Assistant

Harry is a student at Habs Girls, who is interested in writing and performing comedy. She is a production assistant and also writes for Made Up News. As well as comedy, she also has an interest in Classics and seems to spend more time parsing Latin and Greek verbs than she does actually spending time with actual real people. Her dream job would be working for Saturday Night Live, or failing that, just writing and performing comedy for anyone that will have her.

Charlotte Wibrew - Production Assistant

Biography & Picture to follow.

Max Hartington - Production Assistant

Max joined the Drivetime team in the Summer of 2015, helping out as a studio assistant and writing blog posts. Despite leaving for University to study English Literature in 2016, his devotion to the show is so strong that he continues to write for the Drivetime blog, and occasionally drops in to read travel or cover the Film Club.

(For those interested, Max also loves long walks on the beach and candle-lit meals. Please Swipe Right. Please.)

Simon Carver - Film Guide Host

Simon has been interested in films since childhood, when his father took him to watch Zulu. He has now seen it on a number of occasions and he still enjoys it. This may be because his memory's not what it was and he forgets how it ends. Simon's day job is Senior Minister at Dagnall Street Baptist Church and he enjoys reflecting on theological motifs in films. He has contributed to Flickering Images, a book on theology and film. He has been a broadcaster on BBC Local Radio and is currently Premier Radio's film reviewer. For a Baptist, Simon has a fairly catholic taste in films and his favourites include Random HarvestCasablanca, Don't Look Now, Terminator 2 and anything starring Dennis Quaid or Sandra Bullock.

Gwendoline Alderton - Interior Design Correspondent

Gwendoline trained as a professional interior designer with further qualifications as a House Doctor consultant (trained by Channel 5’s celebrity House Doctor, Ann Maurice), Gwendoline’s prestigious work has been showcased in numerous national magazines (House Beautiful, Real Homes, Hertfordshire Life). Gwendoline loves to create exciting interiors for her clients by really understanding not only their inspirations but also their aspirations, their dreams and their desires.  Each month Gwendoline brings you not only her knowledge and experience but also her top tips and industry insight into the latest trends, products and directions within her exciting world of interior design.  Gwendoline’s enthusiasm comes from a love of all things creative – from architecture and structure, through to fashion and design, and most certainly music and mayhem!  She is also the Creative Director of GA Interiors.

Lucy Clark - Bake It Easy

Ever since she made her first batch of fairy cakes when she was a little girl, she has loved baking and sharing her creations. After graduating from university and spending several months in America surrounded by cupcakes and all things related, she decided to give it a go for herself and quickly became addicted. She set up ‘Heaven is a Cupcake’ in early April 2010 and is constantly coming up with new recipes and cupcake ideas.

In 2012 she won the Flare Entrepreneur of the Year Award and the Kate Darcy Award for Exceptional Customer Service. Lucy aims to bring you the best and most delicious cupcakes and cakes in Hertfordshire. She has also won the Best Local Producer (2013) and Local Gem (2010, 2013) in the St Albans Food & Drink Awards.

David Widdowson - Theatre Correspondent

Biography & picture to follow.

Sam Rolfe - Science Correspondent

Sam is working on her PhD at the Open University, based in Milton Keynes, trying to discover whether the presence of life could be detected on the planet Mars.  During her undergraduate degree she presented a show on the student radio for four years.  Bringing science and radio together, she hopes to bring a little more detail to some of the science news stories you hear in brief, what to look for in the night sky, as well as some entertaining scientific discussion. She runs a science news and reviews blog at:               

Alan Bellinger - Health Matters

Alan Bellinger is chair of the Maltings Surgery Patients Participation Group, and is also a member of the Executive Committee of the St Albans and Harpenden Patients Group. After retirement from a successful career in the private sector (working in both training and Information Technology), Alan wanted to get involved in supporting local health issues and has an excellent understanding of the patient’s view of health matters,

Alan has lived in St Albans for well over 60 years; he and his wife Wendy, have two children and they especially enjoy the company of their four grandchildren – all of whom live in the West Herts area.

Elizabeth Crampton - Consumer Advice Correspondent

Biography & Picture To Follow