Monday, 21 January 2019

Local Theatre

This evening David Widdowson joined us to tell us about the local theater scene.

Maltings Art Theatre
17th - 26th January - 20.00 & 19th & 26th - 15.00

 co-production with Duality Theatre Company

After not speaking for ten years, an estranged couple is forced to understand what happened to their marriage and their lives. Can they now help each other to make sense of the past so that they can both move on?

Breakaway Theatre – Outside Edge
7th - 9th Feb 20.00 & 9th Feb - 14.30

Abbey Theatre

Silly Cow

Ben Elton’s play, originally starring Dawn French, is laugh-out-loud at every turn. Doris Wallace has everything a tough tabloid columnist could want: a toy boy with a handy supply of drugs, a pretty PA who might share her libidinous preferences, and the prospect of her own TV show. But for some reason everything starts to go horribly wrong…

The Stage called this ‘a cracker of a play’ while the Daily Mirror called it ‘crude, clever and killingly funny.’ Ben Elton is also behind comedy gems such as Blackadder, The Young Ones and, more recently, Upstart Crow.

Ticket information

Dates and times
Friday 18–Saturday 19 January 2019, 8pm
Sunday 20 January, 2.30pm
Tuesday 22–Saturday 26 January, 8pm

Tickets £12
Concessions £11

Beautiful Thing
Friday 8–Saturday 9 February, 8:00pm
Sunday 10 February, 2.30pm
Tuesday 12–Saturday 16 February, 8:00pm

Beautiful Thing is a gentle and hugely optimistic play. Teenagers Ste and Jamie are next door neighbours on the Thamesmead Estate in south London: Jamie is being bullied at school, and Ste is being bullied at home. When it all gets too much Ste seeks refuge at Jamie’s and their awkward but joyous relationship develops.

Underscored by a Mama Cass soundtrack, this play perfectly captures the wonder of first love. The Guardian called it ‘Deliciously upbeat… Seldom has there been a play which so exquisitely and joyously depicts what it’s like to be sixteen. Truly a most unusual and beautiful thing.’

This play contains mature language.

Ticket information

Tickets £12
Concessions £11

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