Monday, 5 November 2018

Stacey from @ItsOKToSayUK with an update on the campaign.

Stacey Turner came in to update us on the ‘It’s Okay to Say’ campaign and discuss Mental Health issues generally.

Stacey last came in 4 weeks ago to launch the campaign which, as well as shining a light on children’s’ mental health, reaches out to everyone to reassure them that there is support available.  She reinforced the message that the more we can talk about mental health issues, the more we can remove any stigma from it.

The Herts Advertiser is supporting the campaign and Stacey told us that since last Thursday’s issue was published there has been an incredible response, with people contacting both the paper and Stacey herself.

Having worked with both children and adults who have found it difficult to express themselves Stacey has needed to think outside the box.  She explained how she works with a local Thai Boxing champion, Ciarain Shanahan, to help kids who are struggling to talk about their mental health issues.  Any combat sport, she says, is non-verbal therapy and reaches out to children in a way that is not intimidating.  Stacey explained how it can help people untangle their thoughts, and make them more resilient.

Stacey will be back in the studio on Monday 3 December to give us a further update.

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