Monday, 12 November 2018

Consumer Advice

Tonight the turn of Elizabeth Crampton to provide an update on current issues from the Citizens Advice Bureau.

Why your insurer might refuse your claim

Your insurer may refuse to pay your claim because:
the policy was not in force when what you're claiming for happened
the policy is invalid because you didn't tell the truth when you applied for insurance or failed to disclose something which could affect your claim (for policies taken out, renewed or changed before 6 April 2013)
the policy is invalid because you deliberately or carelessly withheld information or misled your insurers (for policies taken out, renewed or changed after 6 April 2013)
the item is not covered by your policy
there is an exclusion clause in the policy which means that you can't claim for what's happened
you've missed some of the installments of your premium
you didn't tell your insurer about a change in your circumstances
you haven't followed the claims process correctly
you haven't kept to a condition of your policy
you have exaggerated the claim and are trying to claim for more than you should.

Your insurer must give you a reason for refusing to pay your claim. Check the details of your policy carefully to make sure that their decision is reasonable.

Banking – security and fraud

Contact your bank or building society straight away if you're worried someone might have access to your account. For example, if your:
card or security details have been lost or stolen
statement shows payments you don't recognise
card has reached its limit or account has gone into overdraft - and you weren't expecting it

Check your bank statement or the bank's website for the phone number to call for reporting security issues - or go to their branch in person.

If you haven't had money taken from your account, your bank or building society will still take action to protect your account, for example by cancelling your card or changing your security details.
More details on these items can be found at the web site

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