Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Doug from The Goldhawks: Quadrophenia Live

Today we talked to Doug Freeman from 'The Goldhawks' about their new show 'Quadrophenia the album- Live' This show is a recreation of the album Quadrophenia by the Who.  This nationwide tour started in August and will run until November 2019, with over 70 tour dates to go.  It is completely faithful to the original 1973 album, the Who's fifth album overall and second rock opera, and everything you hear will be live. 

Quadrophenia Live will be performed at Harpenden Public Halls on the 24th October and at the Radlett Centre on the 25th October.

Quadrophenia Website
Twitter: @QuadAlbumLive
Facebook: @QuadropheniaLiveBand
Instagram: @quadrophenia_live

"Highly moving and unstoppable"- the Sunday Times

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