Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Peter Laws- The Frighteners

The Rev'd Peter Laws came in to talk to us today about his new book, called "The Frighteners", which explores the human attraction to the grisly and macabre.  Peter has been drawn to horror stories from an early age, and to research this book he travelled to Rome, Transylvania and other places associated with horror and the macabre, meeting werewolf experts and wise women.
During his research he tried to work out why humans are drawn to the macabre, and came to the conclusion that it was for logical reasons, such as self-survival, and noted that many great works of world literature, such as the 'Iliad' and 'Hamlet' explore ideas around death.

Peter is also the author of "Purged" and "Unleashed": horror novels about an ex-Baptist minister called Matt Hunter.  By night he writes, but by day he is a Baptist Minister.

"The Frighteners" is out on the 29th March. 

Peter's Website

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