Monday, 5 February 2018

Project Sunshine Presents: Love Is... at @MaltingsTheatre

David Berryman was our guest tonight to tell us about Project Sunshine.

Over the past 2 or 3 years I have been involved in a project in China. It’s to do with what the media calls “The Left Behind Kids”.  It’s a project David fell into whilst doing his day-job business there.

The last twenty years has seen mass movements of people in China from the countryside to work in cities, This has meant that there are some 62 million children left in rural, often deprived areas. Nevertheless, the children are keen, often desperate, to go to school, even though it may take hours to walk there.

David thought it might be a good idea to help the children learn English and decided take a team from UK to do a “play in a week”. So in October 2017, they did just that, when 10 went to mountain villages north of the Great Wall. At the end of an action-packed week this St Albans-based team had 200 children on stage singing songs in English.

As they plan to return this year they are starting fund-raising with a song and poetry evening on the Sunday closest to Valentines day, Sunday 11th February at The Maltings Arts Theatre at 8.00pm
for more details go to the website

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