Friday, 19 January 2018

Liz from Fleetville Community Centre tells us about the history and upcoming new build

Fleetville is a widely multi-cultural area in St Albans and the Community Centre brings a secular space for the residents to host community events.

Open for a total of 75 years, the building became a community centre from around the late 1970s, previously a nursery.

Upcoming events include:
Friday 26th Jan - 7:30 pm - Burns Night, book in advance.
Friday 23rd Feb - 7:30 pm - Big Quiz
Friday 16th March - 7:30 pm - Silent Disco

Other regular uses of the building that you can get involved with include: a nursery, Bridge club, learn IT skills, cooking classes, play table tennis, painting, rehearsing for plays and learn about Fleetville's full and amazing history.

The new build will be replace the current pre-fab building, which was only meant for around 10 years use. It is not fuel efficient and cracks and damp patches are appearing...!

'Friends of Fleetville Community Centre' are always looking for people to join their team, helping with organising events and to raise money for the new build. You don't have to live in Fleetville!

For more details visit:
Tel: 01727 836 843

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