Friday, 14 September 2018

The Radio Verulam Film Guide: Friday 14th September 2018

14th September 2018 – Films on TV

Simon has made his choices for the week of movies on free-to-air TV - picked for your enjoyment!

Final Destination (2000)
11.00pm – 1.00am

The Blindside (2009)
10.00pm – 12.40am

The Remains of the Day (1993)
3.20pm – 6.00pm

Taxi Driver (1976)
10.50pm – 1.05am

Everest (2015)
9.00pm – 11.20pm

Rocky (1976)
9.00pm – 11.35pm

28 Days Later (2002)
9.00pm – 11.15pm

Thursday, 13 September 2018

Harry's Sleeve Notes: Parallel Lines by @BlondieOfficial

Image result for parallel lines album

This week on Harry's Sleeve Notes Harry and Danny make a foray into the world of new wave disco-punk and talk about the 1978 album 'Parallel Lines' by Blondie.
The tracks we talked about:
- Sunday Girl
- One Way or Another
- Heart of Glass
- 11:59

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

#DrivetimeSessions with A Cat Called Dave!

Today we were joined in the studio by Sara, Dave, Suzy and Chris who make up A Cat Called Dave. Although it was a tight fit, they still played 3 fantastic songs for us; two covers and an original song written by Dave himself. They first covered 'Dreams' original by Fleetwood Mac, then their original song 'Heading West', finishing with a cover of Ed Sheeran's 'Perfect'.

To know more about A Cat Called Dave's upcoming gigs click here:

Generally keep up top to date with the band here:

If you missed their set on this afternoon's show, you can listen to it again!

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Health Matters SEP 18 Flu Jabs plus 6 Other Issues

Seven Issues in tonight’s DriveTime
  • Flu Jabs
  • National Data Opt Out
  • Your Heart Age
  • NHS Symptom Checker
  • Drink Free Days
  • Free Prescriptions
  • NHS at 70

1. Flu Jabs
It’s that time of year again! Surgeries and Pharmacies have ordered the flu vaccine, and you should be able to book appointments online (with patient access) or through the surgery.  At the Maltings, for example, flu clinics will be on the six consecutive Saturday mornings starting SEP 23 and ending on NOV 3; in addition, most surgeries will offer your flu vaccination at any appointment you have at the surgery during the flu season.
You are eligible for a flu vaccination by injection if you are in one of the following categories:
§  Adults over 65 (i.e. born on or before  MAR 31 1954
§  Other adults with an underlying health condition particularly long term heart or respiratory disease, diabetes, or weakened immune systems
§  Children (6 months to 2 years)
§  Pregnant women
§  Carers
§  Patients living in a care home
§  Patients with a learning disability
In addition, you are eligible for a flu vaccination by nasal spray if you are in one of the following categories
§  All children aged 2, 3, or 4
§  Children in Reception or Years 1 - 5
§  Children aged 4-18 years with an underlying health condition

2. National Data Opt-Out
We’ve talked about your patient data and the national opt out before – you have the right to ensure that your data is not used for any reason beyond your direct care. If you’re in a situation in which you plan to opt out on behalf of someone else (e.g. a carer or a child) do it before the end of SEP! Because after that it’ll be much more difficult. Until then, your surgery can verify that you are able to opt out on behalf of someone else; from OCT 1 you will need to complete a 7 page return and provide at least 4 forms of ID to show that you are a responsible adult. If you need to, get in quick!!!!!

Here’s the link to the opt out form

3. Your Heart Age
How healthy is your heart? Heart disease can be caused by factors we can modify (e.g. diet and smoking); but in most cases we can’t identify potential problems – until now. Take this simple heart test to check out how healthy your heart is – and what you can do about it!

4. NHS Symptom Checker
How often have you been in a situation in which something just feels odd; the problem is it’s often tough to figure out whether it’s urgent or not. You not sure if you need an urgent doctor’s appointment, and you don’t want to go through a 111 interrogation! This new Symptom Checker produced by NHS 111 should help.
It’s currently in beta trial – give it a go!

5. Drink-free Days
There’s been a lot of noise today about drink-free days; put simply – you know it makes sense. Here are three simple tricks you could try:-
  •      Do more activities that don’t involve drinking;
  •         Find other ways to unwind and relax;
  •         Go for weaker drinks!

Check out these resources

6. Free Prescriptions
Do you know whether you’re entitled to free prescriptions? There’s a simple checker here

7. NHS at 70The NHS, turned 70 on July 5th. As for my NHS 1,000 mile challenge, there’s 111 days to go and I’m 4 miles up – so I only have 300 to go!

Monday, 10 September 2018

Consumer Advice

This evening Elizabeth Crampton from St Albans Citizens Advice Bureau joined for an update on current issues.

Claiming  compensation if your flight's delayed or cancelled

If you booked a flight that departed from Europe or was with a European airline, you might have rights under EU law if your flight is delayed or cancelled.

For the EU law to apply, you'll need to have departed from the UK, European Union (EU), Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland.
If your flight’s delayed for 2 or more hours

Your airline have to give you:
food and drink
access to phone calls and emails
accommodation if you’re delayed overnight - and journeys between the airport and the hotel

The airline should give you vouchers to get these things at the airport. Ask someone who works for the airline if you’re not offered any help.

If they don’t give you help at the airport, keep receipts for expenses and try to claim from the airline later. Airlines only pay for ‘reasonable’ expenses - you won’t get money back for alcohol, expensive meals or luxury hotels.
If your flight’s delayed for 3 or more hours

You already have a legal right to food and drink, phone calls and accommodation - you get this when the flight is delayed for 2 hours or more.

You’re also entitled to get compensation if the delay is the airline’s responsibility - for example, if they didn’t get enough bookings or there was a technical fault.

You won’t get compensation if it was delayed because of something like bad weather or a strike.

You’re entitled to a set amount of compensation depending on:
the distance of the flight - check the flight distance on the WebFlyer website
the length of the delay - how late you are getting to your destination
whether you're flying to an EU or non-EU destination

 Student bank accounts
Student accounts are simply bank accounts made for those in higher education. They let you pay money in and out, and offer additional benefits such as an interest-free overdraft.

To be accepted you'll need a UCAS confirmation letter with an unconditional offer or, if your offer's conditional, A-Level results that meet that condition, or a letter from the university you'll be attending confirming your place. As soon as you've got these, you can open an account, allowing you extra time to make full use of its benefits before the start of term.
The benefits of part-time work for a student

Money Need we say more? The extra cash from part-time work lets you cover the cost of living more comfortably, sometimes even leaving a little aside for fun.A part-time job whilst at university can have a positive impact on your life:

Budgeting Students who earn their own money tend to spend it wisely. Part-time jobs are often tough, and hard-earned money can be painful to part with. In short, students are more likely to save their money for necessities such as text books and rent.

details on these items plus much more can be found at the web site

Saturday, 8 September 2018

The #DrivetimeSessions with @Li_LiLiadain

This week we welcomed back the illustrious Li Li back into the studio! She graced us with two original songs; 'The Voice' and 'Ride the Wave'. Then, as is tradition, she performed a cover of the 4 Non Blondes' 'What's Up'.

You can find LiLi's Facebook page here:
Her Twitter page here:
To keep up with LiLi's work, visit her website here:

And if you missed her performance, or wanted to listen again you can visit and navigate to Wednesday's show

Friday, 7 September 2018

The Radio Verulam Film Guide: Friday 7th September 2018

7th September 2018 – Films on TV

Fresh and pumped with excitement from the summer holidays Simon is back in the studio with Danny discussing films. Namely, they talked about the Box Office Top 10, New Releases and the following list of Simon's recommendations of movies on free-to-air TV so you don't have to trawl the TV pages looking for a good flick.

Gone Girl (2014)
11.05pm – 1.25am

Spotlight (2015)
9.00pm – 11.00pm

The Dambusters (1954)
4.40pm – 7.10pm

The Imitation Game (2014)
6.45pm – 9.00pm

Shaun of the Dead (2004)
9.00pm – 11.05pm

The Fast and the Furious (2001)
9.00pm – 11.10pm

Local Hero (1983)
4.45pm – 7.10pm
Film 4

Thursday, 6 September 2018

Harry's Sleeve Notes: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band by @thebeatles

Image result for sgt peppers lonely hearts club band

This week Harry and Danny talked about the indisputably classic album 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band' by The Beatles.  Released in 1967, it was their eighth studio album.

The tracks we talked about:
- Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
-Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
-She's Leaving Home
-With a Little Help from my Friends

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

The BlackBox Theatre Company present Julius Caesar at The Roman Theatre of Verulamium

Today we chatted to Amber, Freya and Emily from BlackBox Theatre about their latest production:  Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare.

This production of Julius Caesar is set in Roman Britain, and seeks to demonstrate the savagery and political instability of the Ancient World.  Although it still takes place in 44BC, the setting has been moved to the corner of the Roman empire, and shows the Celts and the Romans mixing and clashing. 

This production will be performed at the Roman Theatre at Verulamium.   BlackBox Theatre said they chose Julius Caesar after choosing the performance space, because they wanted a play that would bring out the ruins of the theatre and the crumbling walls. 

BlacBbox theatre has been running for 2 years, and was set up by actors to create the performances they wanted to see themselves, and to provide opportunities for other creatives.  They performed in the first ever drama performance at the Horn, where they put on 'Rabbit' by Nina Raine, which is set in a pub. 

Julius Caesar will be performed at 6:30 on Friday 7th and Saturday 8th September at the Roman Theatre at Verulamium.  Tickets are £13 and £10 for concessions.

BlackBox Theatre's Website
buy tickets here

Monday, 3 September 2018

The Living Room

Tonight we were joined by Rochelle from the Living Room.

The Living Room Hertfordshire is an award winning addiction recovery charity, founded in 2000. Our centres in Hertfordshire are in Stevenage and St Albans, staffed by highly-trained counsellors with lived experience of addition themselves. We offer free, day-time, group counselling, peer support and workshop therapies using the 12-step programme. Fortunately, we have a free crèche in Stevenage.

Our annual Open Day on Thursday 20th September [1.00pm until 4.30pm] gives our local community, funders, partners, prospective clients and stakeholders an opportunity to learn about The Living Room's award-winning practice.

You are invited to view our St Albans treatment centre, meeting our counsellors and ask about The Living Room's treatment methods. You will also hear inspiring testimonials from some of our clients who have gained lasting recovery from addiction with help from The Living Room.

Friday, 27 July 2018

The Radio Verulam Film Guide: Friday 27th July 2018 with @SusW

The West Herts Drivetime Film Guide folks chat films: the usual please bar-keep except with Susie stepping up to the plate while Simon is away. Susie has perused the film listing on free-to-air TV and picked her must watch movies for your convenience. They also covered the Top 10 at the Box Office and new releases.


Mannequin (1987)

Warm Bodies (2012)

Face off (1997)
Channel 5


28 Days Later (2002)
Horror Channel

Reservoir Dogs (1991)

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation (2015)

Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)

A Beautiful Mind (2001)

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

The #DrivetimeSessions with @ScarletteFever_

Today we were joined again by the wonderful Scarlette Fever! We asked her to perform 2
original songs and a cover. Her original songs were 'Crash and Burn' and 'Sealed with a Kiss' and she also played a fabulous cover of Ed Sheeran's 'Thinking Out Loud'.    Scarlette is also playing at the Meraki Festival on Saturday 11th August.  To find out more, visit their website here

If you missed this week's Drivetime Session you can listen again!  Just head to this page.
If you would like to find out more about Scarlette and her music, visit these links below:
Scarlette's website  
Scarlette's Twitter 
Scarlette's Facebook 

Friday, 20 July 2018

The Radio Verulam Film Guide: Friday 20th July 2018 with @SusW

Susie steps into Simon's shoes (why he left them in the studio is a mystery...) and talks to Danny about the top 10 at the Box Office, new releases for the week and her choice of movies on free-to-air TV!

Kingsman: the Secret Service
9:00 - 11:35 pm
Channel 4

21 Jump Street
9:00 - 11:10 pm
Channel 5

Singin' In The Rain
4:55 - 7:05 pm
Paramount Network

The Football Factory
11:05 pm to 1:00 am
Channel 5

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
9:00 - 11:10 pm
Sky 1

9:00 pm to midnight
Film 4

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Health Matters - Heat; Horseflieslies; Appointments; Donate A Kidney

Five Issues in tonight’s DriveTime

·         Staying well in the Heat
·         Horseflies
·         Patient Access
·         Donate a Kidney Event tomorrow night
·         NHS at 70

1. Staying Well In The Heat
Hasn’t this warm spell been great? Or are you getting a little tired of the heat? There are lots of things you can do to ensure that you stay well in the heat such as:-
  •          Shut windows and pull down the shades when it is hotter outside. You can open the windows for ventilation when it is cooler.
  •          Avoid the heat: stay out of the sun and don't go out between 11am and 3pm (the hottest part of the day) if you're vulnerable to the effects of heat.
  •          Have cool baths or showers, and splash yourself with cool water.
  •      Drink cold drinks regularly, such as water and diluted fruit juice. Avoid excess alcohol, caffeine (tea, coffee and cola) or drinks high in sugar.
  •          Make sure you have enough supplies, such as food, water and any medications you need.
  •         Identify the coolest room in the house so you know where to go to keep cool.
  •         Wear loose, cool clothing, and a hat and sunglasses if you go outdoors.
  •         Check up on friends, relatives and neighbours who may be less able to look after themselves.

For a full briefing on how to cope go to 

2. Horseflies
One of the consequences of this hot weather is an increase in insect bites – and especially from horseflies!  Most insect bites can be simply treated at home – here’s the best advice!

But there are two critical points to watch out for:
·       Anaphylactic shock – some people are allergic to stings and can develop life threatening conditions – 999 is for them!
·        Horseflies - whilst most bites are relatively painless and clear up quickly on their own, the horsefly bite takes a chunk out of you, as well as sucking blood; they are noticeably more painful and more likely to get infected. See your pharmacist if you have a bite but if it gets infected seek medical help through your Surgery or 111 as soon as possible,
And to minimise the chance of a bite, clear, or avoid, standing water as much as possible.

3. Patient Access
We talked about Patient Records last month (and I can confirm I have finally received my opt out confirmation letter!), but this month I want to encourage you register for online access at your Surgery. There are three key benefits:-
  •         Making appointments
  •         Repeat Prescriptions; and
  •         Seeing your Medical Records

Data shows that around 30% of patients in our area are registered; don’t be one of the 70%; see your surgery if you don’t already have access!

4. Donate a Kidney Event
It’s being held tomorrow night at the Verulamium Museum and it’s for anyone who would like more information on becoming a kidney donor – lives are transformed through kidney donorship and you can find out all about it at 7:00 pm at the Verulamium Museum.

5. NHS at 70 – The NHS, turned 70 on July 5th, and, I’m doing the NHS 1000 mile challenge. The good news is that I’m half-way; the bad news is that I should be on 539 miles by now; I blame this hot weather! 

So, this is a great time to support your NHS!

Monday, 16 July 2018

Local Theatre Update

David Widdowson from the OVO Theatre Company joined us for an update on local theatre .


Open air at the Roman Theatre of St Albans | 11th-21st July 2018
Open air at the Minack Theatre, Cornwall | 27th-31st August 2018

By William Shakespeare | Directed by Adam Nichols and Janet Podd

Messina, a small town in America’s Midwest. A new decade dawns as the fabulous fifties twist and jive into the swinging sixties.

At Leonato’s Bar and Grill, girl band sensation The Sonnettes are on the brink of pop superstardom. When a group of soldiers returns from the war in the far east, the world-weary Benedick and his friend Claudio find themselves reacquainted with Beatrice and Hero. As memories of conflict give way to a life of partying, Claudio and Hero fall madly, deeply in love.

Meanwhile, Benedick and Beatrice reignite their own altogether more combative courtship. Because neither will admit their love, nothing seems likely to bring them together – until the intrigues of a fallen star with a dark heart force them to demonstrate their true feelings for each other…

With a live soundtrack featuring some of the greatest rock and roll and pop tunes ever written, Much Ado About Nothing follows in the footsteps of OVO’s award winning sellout summer smash hits As You Like It and A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Maltings Art Theatre

Orlando – Dyad Productions
26th & 27th July - 20.00

From the creators of The Time Machine, Jane Eyre: An Autobiography, Dalloway, The Unremarkable Death of Marilyn Monroe, Christmas Gothic, I, Elizabeth, The Diaries of Adam and Eve, Female Gothic and Austen’s Women.

Orlando: Who is she? Who is he? Who are we? Find out in the life-affirming, comedic tale of an immortal poet, whose gender cannot be pinned down, whose spirit cannot be caged, and whose irreverent, romantic adventures across British history – from the 1600s to the present day – provide a magic-realist exploration of human identity; personal, sexual and national. Drawing on a decade’s worth of critically-acclaimed theatre-making, Dyad Productions – performer Rebecca Vaughan and writer/director Elton Townend Jones – explore what it means to find our place in the world whilst remaining utterly true to who we are. Based on the satirical 1928 novel by Virginia Woolf

Friday, 13 July 2018

The Radio Verulam Film Guide: Friday 13th July 2018

Simon chatted with Danny about films and so forth, bringing you the top 10 showing in the box office, new releases to watch out for and his choice of free-to-air movies on your small silver screens (TV) this week:

Tomorrow, when the war began (2010)
7.00pm – 9.00pm

Mississippi Grind (2015)
10.15pm – 11.55pm

Hell or High Water (2016)
10.15pm – 12.15am
Channel 4

RoboCop (2014)
9.00pm – 11.20pm

Move over, Darling (1963)
10.00pm – 11.45pm

Buffy, the Vampire Slayer (1992)
9.00pm – 10.40pm

Back to the Future (1985)
7.40pm – 10.00pm
Film 4+1

Interview with local author Howard Linskey @HowardLinskey about new release "The Chosen Ones"

"Eva Dunbar wakes in a large metal box. She has no idea who has taken her. She has no way out ."

Howard spoke to Danny about his new release, out now, "The Chosen Ones". Set in the 1990s, the fourth in the series where the cast of characters Detective Bradshaw, Tom Carney, Helen Norton, in a collision of worlds, police and journalists work together to solve a mystery.

For more information and where to by the book:

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

#DrivetimeSessions with @Gracegeorge_gg

This week we were joined by local singer-songwriter and friend of the show ;Grace George!
As always, we asked her to perform two original songs and a cover of another artist's work. This week, her original songs were: 'Next To Me' and 'Starlight' she also covered 'I Will Always Love You', originally sung by Whitney Houston as well as Dolly Parton.

You can find Grace's social media links below.


You can watch Grace's performance again on our facebook page here
You can also listen again here

Monday, 9 July 2018

Angela Stone  from the Company Of Ten joined us tonight for a review of their upcoming production Faith & Daring.

THU 19 - SAT 21 JUL 2018 8PM @ The Abbey Theatre


This July we’re commemorating the centenary of the 1918 Representation of the People Act with an evening of plays from the Actresses Franchise League and the Women Writers Franchise League. We’ll also hear some of the anthems from the women’s suffrage movement.

Incidentally, if you have memories handed down from mothers, grandmothers or other female relatives who were involved in the struggle, we’d love to hear from you. We might even incorporate your stories in our foyer display.

Friday, 6 July 2018

The Radio Verulam Film Guide: Friday 6th July 2018 with @SusW

This week saw the Film Guide hosting debut of acclaimed local actor Susie Wyeth, understudy to Simon Carver as he was unavailable this week. Susie brought her wealth of knowledge discussing the silver screen with Danny and recommends you get your remotes at the ready for these films on free-to-air TV.

Indecent Proposal (1993)
9.00pm – 11.30pm

St Elmos Fire (1985)
11.30pm- 1.40am

Marley & Me (2008)
10.30am – 12.50pm

The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (2015)
8pm- 10.25pm
Channel 4

We’re The Millers (2013)
9pm- 11.15pm
Channel 5

Thor (2011)
8.00pm – 10.15pm

Desperado (1995)
9.00pm – 11.10pm

Shawshank Redemption (1994)
9.00pm – 11.55pm

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

The Drivetime Sessions with @BethHedgesMusic sponsored by @FightingCocksSA!

On this week's Drivetime Sessions we were joined by local artist Beth Hedges. Whilst on air she played three songs: two of her own and a cover.  The two songs were named "Be Brave" and "I Have the Words." She also performed a cover of "You Know I'm No Good" originally by Amy Winehose

You can find her Facebook page here:
Her Soundcloud:
Her YouTube:
Her Twitter:
If you would like to listen to the Drivetime Sessions again, follow this link, and navigate to Wednesday at 5:30. 

Monday, 2 July 2018

Quorum Singers

Hellen Phillimore from the Quorum Singers joined us tonight to tell us about their forthcoming concert .

Summer Concert
Rounding off another 2 terms of singing with a celebratory concert, helping to raise funds for Dagnall Street's chosen charity: Christian Aid.
Date : Saturday 7th July 2018

Time: 7.30pm

Venue: Dagnall Street Baptist Church, St Albans

Tickets: Free entry with retiring collection

Friday, 29 June 2018

The Radio Verulam Film Guide: Friday 29th June 2018

Simon and  Danny chit-chatted about movies - the top ten in the box office, new releases and of course, Simon's picks for films on free-to-air TV. Catch up on the Film Guide through your favourite podcasting app, search "West Herts".

The Full Monty (1997)
11.25pm – 12.50am

The Alamo (1960)
3.40pm – 6.55pm

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991)
9.00m – 11.10pm

True Lies (1994)
9.00pm – 11.45pm

The Outlaw Josey Wales (1976)
11.15pm – 2.05am

Triangle (2009)
9.00pm – 11.00pm

This Sporting Life (1963)
9.00pm – 11.30pm
True Movies

Friday, 22 June 2018

The Radio Verulam Film Guide: Friday 22nd June 2018 with Simon and @SusW

This week Simon and Susie (Danny's co-star in The Breakaway Theatre's production of "Taming Of The Shrew?" 28th to 30th June and 5th to 7th July joined Danny for the usual Friday night discussion about film - Box Office Top 10, New Releases and Simon's pick of movies on free-to-air TV.

Wind Chill (2007)
9.00pm – 10.50pm

Creed (2015)
9.30pm – 12.05am

Assault on Precinct 13 (1976)
10.45pm – 12.30am

How To Train Your Dragon (2010)
3.10pm – 5.00pm

Sicario (2015)
9.00pm – 11.20pm

Die Hard (1988)
9.00pm – 11.40pm

Lone Survivor
9.00pm – 11.40pm

Thursday, 21 June 2018

Charlotte's Film Club: Deadpool 2

Another recent release on the Film Club today, as Charlotte rounds off a focus on the years 2016 to 2018 with Deadpool 2!

Following the events of the previous film, wisecracking mercenary Deadpool finds himself in the way of Cable, a genetically enhanced soldier from the future, when he decides to protect an angsty teenage mutant named Russell. However Deadpool can't do this alone, and must team up with a vast range of new mutants such as Domino and Shatterstar to even the playingfields.

Ryan Reynolds and Morena Baccarin return, joined by Josh Brolin, Zazie Beetz and Julian Dennison. 

This is also the very last edition of Charlotte's Film Club! We hope you've enjoyed every episode as much as we've enjoyed making them, thank you for listening!

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

The Drivetime Sessions with @Abbie_Gathard sponsored by @FightingCocksSA

Today we were joined by the illustrous Abbie Gathard! As per usual we asked her to perform 2
original songs and a cover. Her original songs were 'Mr. Why' and 'Start Again' and she graced us with a cover of Radiohead's 'Creep'

You can find Abbie on:
Twitter (@Abbie_Gathard)
Facebook (

You can find Abbie's music on:
Deezer (

If you missed this week's Drivetime Session you can listen again! Wow, isn't the Internet just great

Charlotte's Film Club: Tomb Raider

Charlotte looks at a release from this year today on the Film Club, "Tomb Raider".

Alicia Vikander stars as Lara Croft, the fiercely independent daughter of an eccentric adventurer who vanished years ago. Hoping to solve the mystery of her father's disappearance, Croft embarks on a perilous journey to the last place he was ever seen, a mythical island off the coast of Japan. The stakes couldn't be higher as Lara must rely on her sharp mind, blind faith and stubborn spirit to venture into the unknown.

Walton Goggins, Dominic West and Hannah John-Kamen also star.


Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Charlotte's Film Club: Get Out

Today the Film club looks at "Get Out", the award-winning experimental horror from writer/director Jordan Peele, released in 2017.

Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) and his girlfriend Rose (Allison Williams) decide they are at a point in which he can meet her parents. On the trip, Chris finds the open nature of the family unnerving, and as he investigates more discovers an even worse truth.

Get Out won an oscar for best original screenplay, and was nominated for more.

Monday, 18 June 2018

Charlotte's Film Club: Deadpool

This week the Film Club continues moving to even more recent releases, as Charlotte focuses on the years 2016-2018. Up first is 'Deadpool' from 2016!

Ryan Reynolds stars as Wade Wilson, a mercenary who finds love with Vanessa (Morena Baccarin), but has his world turned upside down when he discovers he has advanced cancer. With no other options, Wilson joins an experimental program that reveals his hidden mutant power: extreme regeneration, but leaves him horribly deformed. Putting on a red mask and naming himself Deadpool, he tracks down the people who experimented on him in a quest for revenge.

Local Theater News

Tonight on Drivetime Liz Widdowson joined us for an update on whats happening in our local theaters.
Maltings Art Theatre

Herts Jazz Club – Pete Long’s Sextet
19th June - 19.30

Pete Long – Clarinet, George Hogg – Trumpet, Callum Au – Trombone, Rob Barron – Piano, Joe Pettitt – Bass, Clark Tracey – Drums

Space and Space Travel form the theme of this week’s selection by the Peter Long Sextet. Expect some of Ellington’s musings on the subject such as Blues In Orbit and Ballet of the Flying Saucers, some conveniently entitled standards – Star Eyes, Stardust, Pete’s jazz reworking of the entire Planets Suite by Gustav Holst and, of course, Star Trek to finish it all off. Great fun, fancy dress optional!

Tickets: £16/£15/£12

Breakaway Theatre Company are proud to be returning to The Inn On The Park for their annual outdoor Summer Shakespeare production, on 28th-30th June and 5th-7th July 2018.


Friday, 15 June 2018

The Radio Verulam Film Guide: 15th June 2018

Welcome to Simon's picks for the week of free-to-air TV movies.

Men in Black (1997)
7.05pm – 9.00pm
Film 4

Romancing the Stone (1984)
6.50pm – 9.00pm

Field of Dreams (1989)
4.45pm – 6.50pm

The Jewel of the Nile (1985)

Mama Mia (2008)
8.00pm – 10.10pm

Marshland (2014)
12.55am – 3.05am

Momentum (2015)
9.00pm – 10.50pm

The Bodyguard (1992)
9.00pm – 11.40pm

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Charlotte's Film Club: Jurassic World

The last instalment of Charlotte's "2012-2015" themed Film Club is all about sci-fi thriller "Jurassic World".

This 2015 entry to the famous 'Jurassic Park' series sees a park full of dinosaurs successfully opened as an extremely popular luxury resort. However, when a genetically engineered dino known as the Indominus Rex gets loose, a chain reaction is triggered that sees the entire park thrown into chaos. Only the park's operations manager and an ex-military animal expert can track down the engineered dinosaur, and ensure the safety of all the guests.

Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratt star.


Health Matters - Opt Out, Care Records, Extended Access, New Hospital

Six Issues in tonight’s DriveTime

  •       National Data Opt Out
  •       My Care Record
  •       GP Extended Access
  •       Carers’ Week
  •       A New Hospital?
  •       NHS at 70

1. National Data Opt-Out
Imagine going to your doctor’s surgery; a receptionist will enter information into the PC in front of them, a nurse or a doctor will key in information when you see them; it is all patient data! But further – it’s your data! And yours to control. But where does it all go once it’s keyed in?

For years, only the surgery could see it; and therefore it was safe. But now it’s all uploaded to a central system managed by NHS Digital, and it can be used further. So how can it be used:
  •       For your direct care – for example at A&E or when you’re away from home.
  •       For response to critical emergencies – fir example a flu epidemic.
  •       For planning purposes – for example to answer questions like “how many people are diabetic in Hertfordshire?
  •       For research purposes – either within the NHS or by the pharmaceutical companies.
For the NHS web site that explains it all, go to 

But there are many more databases than just the one at your surgery; imagine going into Hospital, or A&E; they’ll have lots of data too; that’s called Hospital Episode Statistics and the NHS has been selling that (in anonymised form) for some time! Are you happy for your personal data to be used in this way? Well up to now, you didn’t have a choice; but GDPR and May 25th changed all that! In the main, most of us would say that, if our data helps others then that’s all fine. But is it safe?

For many years people have argued that if data is to be shared it should meet three criteria; it must be:
  •       Open
  •       Consensual
  •       Safe

And if you’d like to see how all of the data that the NHS holds on you matches up to those three criteria there’s a full list here  

From May 25 – “GDPR Day” – the NHS has given you a choice; it’s called the National Data Opt Out. For full details go to . You can opt out of your data being shared for anything apart from your direct care. And for what to do if you do decide to opt out, go to

For some time now people have been able to express an opt out to the NHS; so far their wishes have been ignored. People who have already opted out should receive a letter about the National Opt Out; I’m still waiting for mine! Have you received one yet?

There is a huge issue around anonymisation; there are two approaches to this, pseudonymisation – identifiable data is scrambled by a random formula; and anonymisation – identifiable data is removed. There is a view that under only fully anonymised data is acceptable; although that view is taken in Ireland and in many EU countries, it is still undecided in the UK.

2. My Care Record
Your records are being shared for your direct care; the process is known as “My Care Record”. If you’re taken to Watford A&E and a healthcare professional needs to access your record they will be able to do it provided you give your consent. They will only be able to see the record; they won’t be able to add to it or change it in any way.

3. GP Extended Access
We talked about Extended Access last month; that’s another example of where your records are being shared with others for your direct care.  So, if you’d prefer a doctors’ appointment in the evenings or at weekends, you should be able to book one through your Surgery. These appointments may be another surgery acting as a "hub"; here are the hours at which this service is currently available; the plan is to introduce early mornings soon.

18.30 – 20.00
09.00 – 13.00 & 15.00 – 19.00
09.00 – 13.00

Our choice of evening and weekend appointments should be on an equal footing to normal hours appointments. For further information check your Practice web site; for example, for Lodge Surgery Patients go to (it’s embedded on a page on privacy so you’ll need to page down!).

4. Carers’ Week
This week is carers’ week; time to celebrate the great job they do for people in our area. In a recent survey, 38% of carers locally stated that they had lost touch with friends and family as a consequence of their caring duties. There are a number of events for carers organised in Hertfordshire during Carers’ Week; just go to for a full list.

5. A New Hospital?
Should we have a new centrally locate hospital? There’s a new group with an inaugural meeting next week – June 20. For details, go to

6. NHS at 70To celebrate the NHS, turns 70 on July 5th make a pledge – go here for details go to

As for my NHS 1,000 mile challenge, I’m 2 miles ahead!

So, this is a great time to support your NHS!