Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Talking Movember with Steve Markwell

Today we talked to Steve Markwell about his Movember campaigning, fundraising and activism: raising awareness for men's issues.  'Movember' is a movement which encourages men to grow moustaches in November and to raise money for the Movember Foundation, which raises awareness and supports charities which help men with mental health issues and with testicular and prostate cancer. 

3/4 suicides are committed by men, and on average men die 4 years earlier than women.  Prostate cancer is the most common form of cancer amongst men, with one man dying every 45 minutes.  The problem is, these statistics are rarely talked about, and one of Movember's aims is to raise awareness about them. 

Movember was started in Australia in 2003, when some men had the idea of growing moustaches to draw attention to male issues.  Steve started taking part in Movembers in 2008.  Recently, his father has been suffering with prostate cancer and this has led Steve to realise how these health issues can impact whole families and communities.  This has made his fundraising and activism much more personal- and makes his ultimate aim of advertising and raising awareness of men's issues much more crucial.

One of his aims is to encourage men to go to their GPs to get checked for early signs of cancer.  Prostate cancer in particular, if caught early, is treatable- whereas if caught too late it can be deadly.  When caught early the chance of surviving beyond 5 years is 98%. Prostate cancer can be tested for by a PSA, which is a blood test.  Without a national screening service, like the breast cancer screening service, it is crucial that men be proactive and go to the GP to take care of their health.

Beyond growing his moustache, Steve has been organising events to raise money and awareness.  On 7:15pm on Sunday 26th, at the Craft and Cleaver on St Catherine's Street, there will be a pub quiz.  It will contain many great rounds such as moustache rounds, music rounds, and trivia rounds. This is right after the Christmas Lights Switch on, so if you're passing through, why not drop in and support a great cause?  Everyone is welcome (even children!) 

Steve's Mobro Account -including Craft & Cleaver event details- Call Adam to book your team in.
The Movember Website

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