Friday, 10 November 2017

Interview with @theAliceRoberts about #Tamed on @WestHertsDrive show with @smrolfe ahead of Alban Arena appearance Mon 13th Nov

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Danny and Science Correspondent Sam Rolfe spoke to Professor Alice Roberts on Thursday ahead of her tour stop at the Alban Arena on Monday 13th November.

Professor Roberts is touring with her show "Tamed" based on her new book of the same name about Ten Species That Changed Our World.

The book, with a chapter dedicated to each species, brings to life the stories about how humans domesticated various animals and plants to our advantage, including dogs, horses, maize and apples.

She encourages us to think about our ancestors, those early farmers who, at the time couldn't have realised it but were paving the way for civilisation and "creating incredible bonds with [these] species that are still with us today".

The tour brings the latest genetics and archeology, and "hot off the press" revelations about where dogs come from to how wheat spread around the world. She said she is bringing the topic to the public by "putting science back into everyday life and looking at what science can tell us about the humanties [and] history and who we are"

When asked what her choice of scientific or technological discovery would be if stranded on a desert island, she said that her #DesertIslandScience would be Wi-Fi (an excellent choice for escaping said island).

Listen to the interview:

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