Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Interior Design for November with Gwendoline Alderton- @GA_interiors !

Today we talked to a very Christmas-enthused Gwendoline about the latest trends in interior design this winter.  This time of year, many people may decide to take the excuse of people coming round over the holiday season to redecorate their house, or to rethink some aspects of their interior design. 

One style that's on trend this season is a Latin American style.  This style incorporates rich colours- these colours serve to lift the room and also ones mood.  Guest bedrooms are often redecorated this time of year due to a need to accommodate guests visiting over the holiday.  If you're planning on redoing a guest bedroom, why not include rich colours?  Pompoms are also popular with a Latin American theme- put them on Christmas trees, cushions, curtains.... (Gwendoline insists you can't overdo pompoms...).

Another popular colour this season is blue.  A calming & nurturing colour, it is particularly effective when incorporated into the design of a bedroom or a bathroom.  Peacock blue in particular is a popular shade of blue, but blue/green is also a popular shade.  To add more interest in a room, use lighter and darker colours, neutral tones or sparkle to catch the eye! (WARNING: Blue baubles on a green Christmas tree can sometimes get a bit lost aesthetically- beware this common Christmas pitfall!)

Along with blue, white is also very popular.  Red and green are usually the most popular colours this time of year, but white is taking over this year!  It's a popular colour because it's fresh and clear, and looks great with sparkles.   A completely white room can look a bit boring, however, so incorporate some texture to give it sumptuousness and interest. A good texture to use in wintertime is wool, because it's a warm and organic material.  

Gwendoline will be back in 2018 with more interior design features!

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