Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Health Matters - Hill End Hospital; Colds, Nascot Lawn; and A Special Thank You

Four Issues in Tonight’s DriveTime

·         Operation Meadow
·         Colds & Flu
·         Nascot Lawn
·         A Special Note of Thanks

1. Operation Meadow
Are you aware of any physical or sexual abuse at Hill End Hospital Adolescent Unit, between 1969 and 1995, when the facility closed? The Police are appealing for anyone who may have any information relevant to the on-going investigation to make contact with them. There are some really good web pages dedicated to Op Meadow on the Constabulary’s website.

These provide details about the background and outlines how you can support this investigation. The police stress that officers are specially trained to deal with these type of crimes and will support victims in a sensitive, empathetic and caring manner.

2. Common Cold Myth Busting
There’s lots of myths around the common cold; here’s just a few of them!
·         Feed a Cold; Starve a Fever – being sick often kills the appetite, and forced feeding won’t help! What will help is staying well hydrated and make sure you’re getting enough calories. So the best advice is to skip dieting if you’re not feeling too well!
·         You’ll get Sick if You don’t wear a Coat – colds and flu are caused by germs that circulate more readily in the cold winter months. But studies show that you’re more likely to catch a cold indoors than out! Of course, if it’s really cold and you don’t have a coat you’re likely to get hyperthermia – but that’s another issue!
·         A Wet Head will Make You Sick! – you’ll probably feel chilly if you skip the blow dry on a chilly day, but that won’t mean those wretched little germs will find you more easily! Again, hyperthermia could make you more vulnerable if you catch a cold – but that’s a consequence, not a cause!
·         Wearing Garlic Prevents Colds! – that pungent smell may keep germ spreading friends and co-workers away; but here’s the point – garlic has many great qualities bit you need to eat it – not wear it! Garlic’s antioxidant properties boost immunity and fight inflammation – so add a couple of cloves a day to your diet!
If you feel a cold coming on, here’s the best advice

3. Nascot Lawn
 Nascot Lawn is a large Victorian house in Watford that has been converted to provide respite care for children with complex health needs and learning disability. The current position is that HVCCG has acknowledged that it was acting on incorrect advice and has put the funding back until Jan 18; however, on NOV 16 there is a committee meeting to determine how provision will be made in future is to be held; it is likely to recommend that they will simply fund the Continuing Health Care Needs of those children and young people assessed as eligible.
This has been a very difficult time for the families who obviously have been campaigning to keep the service and who are deeply worried that alternatives will mean a reduced service - which seems highly likely.  A very sad business.

4. And Finally

A massive thank you to Listener David and his wife Anne in Bricketwood for the support and help you gave me last TUE. Very best wishes to you and your family from all of us at Radio Verulam

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