Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Scott Clarke talks to us about his 100th venue for a park run

Today we talked to local man and running enthusiast Scott Clarke, from the Harpenden Arrows, about what will be his 100th venue for a park run. Park runs are free 5k runs which happen all over the UK, and anyone can participate from the age of 4.  They are also now international, taking place in over 17 countries.  Scott to date has run 159 park runs (that's over 795km!), and has travelled as far as Ireland and Denmark to take part.  However, Ganavan Sands in Oban has been his favourite location to date because of the beautiful scenery.   Outside of park runs Scott once ran 72 miles in one day from Carlisle to Gateshead to raise money for the charity Breakthrough Breastcancer.

He started taking part in park runs in January 2014, as part of a weight loss mission after going away from .  He often runs with his sons, and he says they have been a great part of his journey.  His dog JJ also sometimes runs with him, and has taken part in over 20 park runs.  He often runs to raise money for charity, and once ran 11 park run venues in one day with friends, and raised over £1400 for Alzheimers Research UK. 

Scott will be running his 100th venue for a park run at Heartwood Forest on the 23rd September.  He says: “I am really pleased that I can do my 100th venue so close to home at Heartwood Forest, so that many of my friends from the Harpenden Arrows and my family can join me.”

Park runs start at 9am all over England on Saturdays, and all you need to do to participate is to sign up on the website and receive your free barcode.

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