Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Nascot Lawn; Let's Talk; Transformation Plans; Wellbeing

Four Issues in Tonight’s DriveTime

·         Nascot Lawn
·         Let’s Talk
·         Transformation Plans
·         Wellbeing

1. Nascot Lawn – Healthcare provision is a minefield! Take the case of Nascot Lawn. It is a large Victorian house in Watford that has been converted to provide respite care for children with complex health needs and learning disability. In June our local commissioning group (HVCCG) announced that they were cutting £600K a year of funding to the unit. At present it is due to close at the end of OCT. And here’s why this is stupid – there is a row about whether the provision of respite care should come out of the Health Budget or the Social Care Budget. There is intense scrutiny on this decision. For a full update, see the Healthwatch Press Release
And declare your support for Nascot Lawn on the supporters’ Facebook site.

2. HVCCG - Let's Talk
Our last Health Matters featured the HVCCG plan to ration services around Gluten free prescribing, over the counter medicines, being fit for surgery, IVF/ fertility services and vasectomy. The survey is only open until SEP 14; go here to have your say
There’s been lots of feedback; and a full update in next month’s Health Matters.

3. Transformation Plans
All this focus on saving is a concern – there seem to be minimal plans for what the CCGs will be doing once the turnaround is underway! That means that issues like winter pressures, workforce issues, staff motivation, and service transformation are getting very little attention. For the latest on the transformation plan (known as the “STP”) go to

4. Wellbeing
There’s a new service available for people who are experiencing a wide range of emotional difficulties such as anxiety, worry, low mood, depression and stress. They have some excellent coping strategies that you can use.

Go to http://talkwellbeing.co.uk/ You can refer yourself!

And finally – support National Air Ambulance Week - http://www.associationofairambulances.co.uk/naaw/

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