Monday, 10 July 2017

Advice on funeral costs, unwanted charity communication and deferred payment schemes with @CAStAlbans

Elizabeth Crampton from the Citizens Advice Bureau was in the studio today, and talked about funeral care, charity communication opt-outs and deferred payment schemes.

On the topic of charities, Elizabeth explained how it's now possible to stop unwanted
letters and calls from charities, which some people receive in unacceptably large numbers. By going to and filling in your details, or doing it on someone else’s behalf, you can block communications from up to 3 charities at a time.The following number can also be used: 0300 3033 517. The charity has 28 days to process the request. It's worth remembering that you can opt out of communications and still give money to the charity!

Deferred payment schemes were the subject Elizabeth’s second topic. It is important to remember that these are credit agreements which have charges if you miss the payment deadlines - often in the small print, and which can be combined with interest fees of up to 60%. Being careful around these deals is important, if only about their repayment deadlines. Remember that you won't necessarily get a reminder when it's time to pay!

‘Sadly we all have to die at some point’, and funerals can often be expensive. Some people take out funeral plans, even though they are often not registered by financial service authorities or covered by ombudsman claims. There are two types of funeral plan- guaranteed plans, which cover most or all of the funeral costs; and contribution plans, which often cover funeral directors, but not other costs - such as cremation fees. Make sure to look at exactly what is covered by these plans, and remember that there are other ways to make plans for funeral costs. Generally, if anyone has concerns about funeral costs, it worth taking some advice from the citizens advice bureau: head on over to

Elizabeth will be back in September! If you missed the programme, head on over to and navigate to Monday from 5:30pm.

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