Monday, 12 June 2017

Consumer Advice

This evening we heard from Elizabeth Crampton of the Citizens Advice Bureau on current issues.

Pet Insurance
If you are considering taking out insurance for your dog it essential to check exactly what the different policies cover, certain breeds can attract a higher premium it is well worth shopping around to get the best deal.

Credit Checks  
The better your credit score the better your chances are of getting a credit card, a loan or even a mortgage, along with great rates for each.You can carry out your own checks by using a number of on line sites.

Car Rental
Many of us will hire a car on holiday some tips on this area are
*Check the condition of the vehicle with the company before leaving site
* Read the policy and terms and conditions especially those concerning the fuel
* On returning the vehicle go through an inspection with the hirer to make sure you do not get a claim later for damage    

More details on these items and other advice can be found at the web site

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