Monday, 3 April 2017

Being Mrs Thrifty

Penny Carr joined us tonight for more money saving tips.

Waitrose have now started charging for their free coffee from today so owners of My Waitrose cards have to make a purchase to get a free coffee!. But if you buy say a button mushroom for 1p you can get your "free coffee".

Coffee Loyalty Cards
Many coffee shops have these cards for example Starbucks but you only get 38 days to claim your free coffee so keep an eye on your card, you can also pay by using an App.

Visitors to IKEA can get a free meal with any purchase made in store – but there are quite a few catches.

Shoppers will need to be members of the free IKEA Family loyalty scheme and the mid-week dinner freebie must be claimed by April 14.When they get to the checkout to pay for the product, the cost of the meal will be deducted from their final bill.

So if they spend £20 in the restaurant and £30 on home furnishings, such as bedding, a lamp or plants, their final bill will come to £10 – as the cost of the meal is taken off.

More details can be found at the web site

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