Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Local Literary Feature with Marie Kemplay and @ianridley1

Today Marie talked to author and sports writer for the Sunday Times, Ian Ridley. Ian has written a book called 'Outer Circle' which imagines a terror attack on London Central Mosque in the week following the London 2012 Olympics. The book then follows 5 characters who have been caught up in the attack and then unravels the reasons why this attack happened.

Ian said he chose to set it during the 2012 Olympics because it was the last time the country was at ease and proud of itself, and when everyone was relaxed. He wanted the book to be about areas which he didn't know much about, such as Islam, which he subsequently learnt a lot about. The book serves as a snapshot of modern Britain, which examines the tension below this perceived period of calm. This book is being crowdfunded, and is about £2000 into a £5000 goal. It is being funded by the crowdfunding publisher Unbound. Ian also has another book coming out on June 1st, which is a biography of former Arsenal and England captain Tony Adams, called 'Sober: Staying Stopped.'

To pledge money to get Ian's book published visit: https://unbound.com/books/the-outer-circle
Ian's website: http://www.floodlitdreams.com/
Ian's Twitter: @ianridley1

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