Thursday, 16 February 2017

The NHS - For better or worse?

Four Issues in Tonight’s DriveTime

·        Is the NHS improving or getting worse?
·        YCYF – FEB 28
·        Surgery online systems
·        Did not attend

1. The NHS: for better for worse! – it’s a supply and demand issue; the NHS has increased supply, but we as patients have significantly increased demand!

Supply: Watford General Hospital has significantly increased its staff
·     580 new nurses and midwives since SEP 2015;
·     43 new consultant grade doctors (net, up 10%) since SEP 2015
·     Virtually zero consultant vacancies.

Demand: partly down to people living longer, partly to population increase. But also down to people going to A&E who should be going to pharmacies, GPs or Minor Injuries. NB Urgent Care now on reduced hours due to lack of demand!

But the critical issue – what is NHS doing to fix it?

2. Feb 28 Meeting – Roundwood Park School
Sustainability and Transformation Plans should be the way forward; but they have opened pandora’s box! The 44 plans around the country require £9.5bn of investment to generate £26bn in savings by 2020/21. In Hertfordshire we’re looking for over £600m. Demand £9.5bn – available, around £1.6bn! The annual capital budget should have been £4.5bn but almost £3bn has been assigned to cover immediate needs!

So come along on FEB 28 and hear how the plans are likely to evolve!

3. Book, View and Renew
Do you use Your Surgery’s online system to book appointments, order prescriptions, or see your records? It’s easy and fast to use and so convenient. On average in our area 21% of patients use the system – more than in other areas (Watford – 11%, Hemel – 17%, and Potters Bar – 19%) but still very low. In St Albans/ Harpenden the best surgery has 48% and the worst is on zero!

4. Surgery “DNAs”

DNA = did not attend; at the Maltings last week our DNA rate was 4.5% but it varies between over 5 and under 3! Some surgeries are way over 10%.  So whatever you do, Don't be a DNA!

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