Monday, 13 February 2017

Consumer Advice

Elizabeth Crampton from the Citizens Advice Bureau joined us for the monthly update on consumer issues.

Do I Have to Pay Tax When I Sell Things Online?

Generally, just selling a few things on eBay or Etsy won't mean you have to pay extra tax. However, doing it regularly enough could count as running a business, even if you already have a job. In that case you'll need to file a Self Assessment tax return and pay tax on the money you're making.

Paying for support and care at home
You may have concerns about the costs involved in getting care and support at home. But if you have been assessed as needing care, you will also be assessed to see how much you can afford to pay towards the cost of services, while still having enough money to live on.

The amount that social services departments pay towards care on your behalf varies depending on your local authority, although there are minimum requirements.

When you have an assessment, your needs will be judged to see whether you’re eligible for services under the national eligibility criteria.

If you’re found to have eligible needs the local authority has a duty to meet those needs but can charge for services.

If the council has assessed you and you need care and support, you will then be means tested to see how much you need to contribute, if anything, and how much the council will pay towards it.

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  1. Like forgetting to pay tax when selling things online, a lot of people also forget about to pay tax on the rent from properties that they rent out privately or additional rooms in their own home that they rent out. There are tax free allowances they can take advantage of, but it is really worth checking to make sure that you are paying any tax that might be due.