Thursday, 2 February 2017

Coming up on next week's Drivetime show with @BeingMrsC @revpeterlaws @minniebirch @VickyArlidge

On next week's Drivetime show we will be joined by several guests. Penny Carr will be in the studio on Monday and will be on air discussing about  'Being thrifty' with @BeingMrsC. Penny is our local thrifty correspondent. She brings in monthly articles about saving money. On Tuesday we will be joined by our local literature correspondent Marie Kempley who will be joined by Peter Laws who have just launched a book called 'Purged'. On Wednesday there will be the Drivetime sessions with Minnie Birch a singer-songwriter who will be interviewed and will also perform. On Thursday we will have Vicky Arlidge a composer & a musical comedian on the Drivetime show.

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