Monday, 7 November 2016

Thrifty Mrs C

Penny Carr our own Mrs Thrifty was our guest tonight giving out the following tips.

Xmas Shopping
Cheaper to do in January /February when prices are low
All the supermarkets have deals and offers on now and use a list to shop to.

Xmas Day Guests 
If you are hosting Xmas day you do not have to supply everything so arrange who is bringing desert, crackers etc and spread the cost.
As a rule under 18's and over 90's get presents, all others do a secret santa.
Make your own and get the children to help, also make your own wrapping paper better than buying the cheap stuff that rips too easily.

A lot of sites from companies have free offers on social media look out for them.

all of this and more can be found at he web site

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