Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Simon Caine and the Toblerone Podcast

Today we asked former West Herts Drivetime assistant, social-media guru and stand up comedian about a petition he started today on Change.org to change the shape of Toblerone back to the original.
Simon talked about how he did this in order to call out Toblerone for announcing the shape change on a day when many things are happening in the news. We also released bulldog-like and Jeremy Paxman-like investigative journalist, Harry Derbyshire on Simon.  She asked Simon about whether he felt that he was wasting his life and whether he thought he was misusing the power of democracy that is Change.org.  He replied: "Yes."
Simon is gigging at the Comedy Store in Manchester and also in Glasgow and Edinburgh.  His social media links are below- as well as the link to the petition.
Twitter: @thismademecool
Petition: https://www.change.org/p/toblerone-bring-back-the-original-toblerone-design
Podcast: "Ask the Industry"

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