Thursday, 17 November 2016

Penny Carr: Being thrifty with @BeingMrsC @Hertsbelleswi

Today we spoke to Penny Carr who  discussed about Hertsmere Womens Refuge. Penny is our local thrifty correspondent. She brings in monthly articles about saving money.

Penny was talking about gifts for St Albans and Hertsmere Womens Refuge. In total they have collected over 50 presents and they want to make a huge different to those women and children. They are still collecting gifts, so to get involved you can drop them a message on FB and they can give you an address to drop gifts.  

Please just wrap your gift and attach a label saying who it is best suited for. They have a criteria in which alcohol, candles or anything that could imitate a weapon should not be included.

If you want to get involved then their facebook page is and navigate to Thursday from 5.30pm.

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