Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Local literary feature with Sue Hampton @sueauthor

Today Danny and Marie talked to local author Sue Hampton, about her latest work, a collection of short stories called "Ravelled".  These stories are very varied in genre, from a fable about a woman with alopecia on an island far away, to a story called "Away for Christmas" about an eccentric but lonely old woman.
The title of this collection- "Ravelled" comes from a line of a poem by poet Phillip Larkin.  This is a poem which inspires a character in one of the stories.  This particular story is a semi-autobiographical story about a girl who falls in love with her English teacher,

Sue has had alopecia for many years and also wore wigs for many years, however when she wrote a story about someone with alopecia as a form of therapy she realised that she wanted to be more like the character, and embraced her hair loss and stopped wearing wigs. After reading this story, acclaimed author Michael Morpurgo phoned her up and told her it was beautifully written.  As well as being an author, Sue is also an ambassador for Alopecia UK.

23 out of Sue's 27 books are for children. Sue said that when writing for children she tended to steer away from darkness and sadness and towards a happy ending.  Sue's children's books tie up loose ends and don't end things in a dark place.   Next Sue will be writing more short stories for adults and a children's story, which will probably be released next year.

Sue's website:  http://www.suehamptonauthor.co.uk
Twitter: @sueauthor
Alopecia UK support group website:   http://www.alopeciaonline.org.uk/support-groups.asp

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