Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Winning the Benevolent Cup and Reaching First Base: Allen Nicklin

Today West Herts Drivetime talked to Allen Nicklin, an author, to discuss his new novel:'Nick Allen and the Lost Boy.' Allen's self-published debut novel was 'Winning the Benevolent Cup and Reaching First Base" This book is about teenage life in St Albans, written partially from the author's own personal experiences of growing up here.  These books are set in St Albans in the early 60s, and follows the protagonist, a 13 year old boy named Nick Allen, and his friends Keith and Don.
The books are comprised of six short stories and in these, the boys meet many colourful characters.
Allen said that he was persuaded to write these books by a friend who asked him what he was going to do in his long school holidays, as a teacher.  Allen was inspired to write about this period because he himself grew up in St Albans during the 60s.  One of the parts of the book that is completely autobiographical is Nick's first dance.
Allen self-published his book on Amazon, with the help of the artist who designed the covers.  Allen wrote this on a computer and got his friends to proof-read it.   His first book came out in February 2013, and the second book in December 2015.  Raindrops on Roses are selling these books, and they are also available on Amazon as a hard copy and on e-book.  The first book is available for 99p and the second book for £3.36.  These books have completely 5 star reviews on Amazon and are available below:

Winning the Benevolent Cup and Reaching First Base: 
Nick Allen and the Lost Boy: 

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