Monday, 5 September 2016

Back to school, packed lunches & Christmas! Top thrifty tips with @BeingMrsC

Penny Carr was our guest tonight.

Back To School
You can save money in term time by signing children up to any number of after school activities , shop around for the best ones e.g swimming lessons .
Whilst it is still light in the evenings use the time to go foraging for things like Blackberries.

School Lunches
All children up to year 7 are entitled to free school meals [not nursery or private schools].
In packed lunches try a bottle of water or make up squash at home, pre sliced frozen rolls are also a good cheap alternative, for fillings use Sunday lunch meat leftovers or cheese , you grate it up and freeze portions. Try looking for end of day bargains such as Yoghurts, remember chocolate is not allowed [but Kit Kats are!]

only 110 days away! start to save now to avoid a large outlay in one go. If you intend to travel over the festive period train tickets are available now and will be cheaper if pre booked.
And Chocolate Oranges are currently half price in some supermarkets

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