Thursday, 28 July 2016

Herts Belles Women's Institute w/ Penny Carr and Rebecca London @hertsbelleswi

Today in the studio Danny was joined by two of the local Herts Belles Women's institute members; local blogger Penny Carr and Vice President of  Herts Belles Rebecca London (with a brief interview with their kids too!)

The two have just returned from Tea and Tents, an event hosted by the National Women's Institute to bring together the local groups, which saw over 560 women camp together in a field in Nottingham, while learning new and varied skills such as axe throwing!

Herts Belles is one of the newer local groups, formed in 2013, it hosts a huge variety of intriguing events to bring together creative women, which has ranged from beer nights to burlesque evenings.

If you want to join in with the Herts Belles, details on how to join and their upcoming events are available on their official blog here:

And for other updates you can visit their Facebook page

For anyone who missed out on the interview you can go to

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