Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Health Matters with Alan Bellinger

Three Issues in Tonight’s DriveTime

1. Medicines

Tablets for Long Term Conditions; e.g. high blood pressure, arthritis etc.
·         50% of patients don’t take their medicines
·         Ten days after starting a new medicine, 30% of patients are already not taking them as recommended

Patients starting a new medicine;
·         Half report a problem within the first ten days;
·         After 4 weeks, just 16% are taking medicine as prescribed and have no problems

So, DriveTimers – what do you think?
·         Do you have a mental blockage on taking medicine?
·         Are you taking them as prescribed?
·         Need Help – Doctor, Surgery Nurse, or Pharmacist!!!

2. Are You A Carer? – You may well be, even if you don’t think of yourself as a Carer

There are over 1,000 people doing a carer role in the St Albans District who could get additional support!

2.1 You are a carer if you look after someone who
·         Is ill – either an adult or a child
·         Is elderly
·         Is disabled
·         Has mental health problems
·         Misuses drugs or alcohol
·         Or if you are a young person looking after a family member
Just let your Surgery know – they’ll help you

2.2 The Benefits:-
From your Surgery you get
·         Support from the Carers’ Champion
·         Flexible Appointments
·         Seasonal Flu Vaccination
·         An Annual Health-check

In addition, Carers in Hertfordshire provide you with further support and a Carer’s Passport that gives you extensive discounts from local retailers.

3. Summary Care Record (“SCR”)

We all have an SCR; unless we exercised an opt out; around since 2010. Details of Medications. Concept – a Healthcare Professional could access the record from anywhere, with patient consent, to help them treat the individual.

New version – SCR-AI – just released. Includes
·         Long term conditions
·         Diagnoses (blood tests, blood pressure)
·         Preferences
Will benefit people with complex health problems – but OPT IN, not opt out!!!

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