Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Max's Film Club: The Big Lebowski

A slightly belated Film Club this week, but Max has been left in charge so our theme is 'Mistaken Identity', starting off with the Coen Brothers Classic 'The Big Lebowski'.

Jeff Bridges stars as Jeff Lebowski who insists on being called "the Dude," a laid-back, easygoing burnout who happens to have the same name as a millionaire whose wife owes a lot of money to dangerous people,  resulting in the Dude having his rug soiled, and sending him spiraling into the Los Angeles underworld.

along with Bridges, John Goodman, Julianne Moore, Steve Buscemi and John Turturro feature.

New Music Playlist w/c 30th May 2016 & this week's featured track by @AllSaintsOffic

Hi Drivetimers

Here is our new music playlist for the forthcoming week:

ABC - Viva Love
All Saints - This Is A War
Augustines - When Things Fall Apart
Beverley Knight - Middle Of Love
case/lang/veirs - Best Kept Secret
Coldplay - Up&Up
Eric Clapton - Can't Let You Do It
Foxes - Scar
Gilbert O’Sullivan - I Guess I'll Always Love You
Goo Goo Dolls - So Alive
Justin Timberlake - Can't Stop The Feeling
Ladyhawke - A Love Song
Lemar & Joss Stone - Someday We'll Be Together
Mumford & Sons - There Will Be Time (feat. Baaba Maal)
OneRepublic - Wherever I Go
Paul Simon - Wristband
Pet Shop Boys - Twenty Something
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Dark Necessities
Richard Ashcroft - Hold On
Rick Astley - Angels On My Side
Sigma - Cry (feat. Take That)
The Monkees - You Bring The Summer
The Stone Roses - All For One
The Temper Trap - Fall Together
Tom Bailey - Come So Far
Tom Odell - Magnetised
Troye Sivan - Talk Me Down

Items in BOLD are new additions

This week's featured track is This Is A War by All Saints:

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Chris and Trevor with 'Tools With a Mission' @dagnallstreet

Our studio guests this afternoon were Chris and Trevor from the Dagnall Street Baptist Church, here to discuss The 'Tools With A Mission' Charity, which assists people from other countries who lack the skills to earn a living and independently support themselves.

TWAM collects and refurbishes tools no longer required in the UK to help developing projects, and the Dagnall Street Baptist Church (found behind WH Smiths in the Town Centre) will be holding a collection next Wednesday (The 1st of June) between 12 and 7pm.

The tools they ask for are:

  • Motor Mechanics
  • Carpentry Tools
  • Building, Plumbing and Electrician Tools
  • Electric Power Tools
  • Bench and band Saws
  • Sewing Machines
  • Laptops
  • Flat Screen Computers
  • Craft Items
  • Gardening Tools (Spades, Hoes etc.)
  • Educational Textbooks
  • Adult Mountain Bikes
  • Manual Typewriters
  • Please do not bring glass items, gas bottles, electric hedge cutters or lawnmowers
For more information on TWAM the Charity's website is twam.co.uk, and for updates on the drive you can visit Dagnall Street Baptist Church's Facebook page

Chris' Film Club: Wanted

And our final film based on Graphic Novels this week is 'Wanted'

Based on the Mark Millar and J.G. Jones graphic novel of the same name, it tells the story of The Fraternity, a secret society of assassins.

Stars James McAvoy, Angelina Jolie, Morgan Freeman, and Terence Stamp.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Chris' Film Club: Road to Perdition

Today's Film Club looks at 'Road to Perdition'.

Based on the graphic novel by Max Allan Collins, it follows a mob enforcer who goes on the run with his son, determined to get revenge against the mobster who murders the rest of his family.

Stars Tom Hanks, Paul Newman, Jude Law and Daniel Craig, and was Newman’s final on-screen film appearance.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Chris' Film Club: Ghost World

Next on this weeks Graphic Novel themed Film Club is 'Ghost World' from 2001.

Based on the Daniel Clowes graphic novel, about two teenage outsiders (Thora Birch and Scarlett Johansson) who bond with a lonely older man (Steve Buscemi).

An odd but affecting film, and consistently funny throughout.

Interior Design Feature with Gwendoline Alderton

This month Gwendoline talked about people who are trying to sell their home. sHE answered many questions that she had been asked this month.

Why do you need bedside tables when you're selling your house?
If you have a single bed it's appropriate to have a single bed but if you have a double bed then normally you have one bedside table either side of the bed.  However if your room is too small you could use a small shelf either side.  Having two bedside tables either side of the bed makes the room symmetrical and increases the overall harmony and happiness.  This is especially important if you're selling your home.  Having somewhere to put a lamp is important because this improves the lighting in the room.  Being able to put a lamp either side of bed creates a mood of attractiveness.  Also you can put accessories on the bed side table which can make the room look more attractive- such as pictures which match the color scheme.

How do you identify the purpose of a room?
If you're not using a room for its intended purpose then you should make sure that the intended purpose of the room is clear.  This ensures that the buyer can envisage the room for its intended purpose.  Make sure rooms such as junk rooms have a clear purpose as this maximises the value of the room.

Which colors should I use when selling my house?
In terms of colors, Gwendoline suggests that one veers away from magnolia as it is too dark and overused. You should use paler colors when you are selling you house because vibrant colors like red could look too domineering and severe.  Paler colors are are in fashion at the moment, with the colors of the year being rose quartz and pale blue.  Right now lots of sea-like colors are in the shops such as turquoise and blues.  These colors are very easy to work with and most people love them.

For more information visit Gwendoline's website:

Monday, 23 May 2016

Chris' Film Club: 300

This week on the Film Club our theme is 'Graphic Novel Adaptations'.

Based on the work by Frank Miller and Lynn Varley, '300' tells the heavily stylised story of the Battle of Thermopylae, in which 300 Spartans hold off hundreds of thousands of Persian warriors.

The film stars Gerard Butler, Lena Heady, Dominic West and David Wenham.

Science Correspondent - Sam Rolfe

Sam Rolfe our science correspondent joined us tonight.

Tsunamis on Mars

Mars currently relatively dry and cold surface, very difficult for liquid to exist at the surface, but approximately 3 billion years ago, it is thought Mars had a warmer, wetter climate – evidence of liquid flowing on the surface, e.g. channels and fluvial fans.

Mars is split into two approximate regions: the northern younger lowland plains and southern ancient highlands. The relatively flat lowlands thought to be due to an ocean, but a lack of a clear shoreline has created doubt about this theory. Satellite data has revealed a possible major redistribution of sediments at the edge of these two regions.

However, if the shorelines were regularly hit by tsunamis they would be disguised due to sediment build up an otherwise clear coastline. Once the water started to flow back towards the ocean, it cut new backwash channels, which have been identified by the study. Two sediment deposits have been identified, with areas of 800,000 sq km being covered by the older event and 1,000,000 sq km, due to waves of between 50 and 120 m high produced by impacts leaving craters 30 km wide. For comparison, Meteor or Barringer Crater in Arizona is just over a kilometre in diameter.

Sources: http://www.nature.com/articles/srep25106


Wearable Technology Revolution – How many steps should you be doing?
We often hear that we need to hit 10,000 steps a day to be moving towards a healthy lifestyle. Where does this number come from and is it even correct?

In the 1960s, a pedometer was sold in Japan called manpo-kei, translated as 10,000 steps meter and that is where it has come from.

Given that the original 10,000 steps just happened to be how many steps the pedometer could count, it is not a very scientific number. Research says that healthy adults take about 4,000 to 18,000 steps per day and anyone who ups their steps from 1,000 to 10,000 decreases their risk of premature death by 46 %.
Source: https://blog.myfitnesspal.com/many-daily-steps-really-need-better-health%E2%80%8B/

Scientist of the Month
Youyou Tu

She worked at the China Academy of Tradition Chinese Medicine, Beijing when awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2015 for discoveries concerning a novel therapy against Malaria.

Source: https://www.nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/medicine/laureates/2015/tu-facts.html

What to see in the Night Sky


26th May 00:25 am 4 min Planets: Jupiter, Saturn, Mars
11:30 pm 6 min

27th May 10:38 pm 5 min

28th May 00:14 am 6 min
09:46 pm 4 min
11:21 pm 6 min

29th May 10:28 pm 6 min

30th May 00:05 am 6 min
11:12 pm 6 min

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Chris' Film Club: Salute

Our last sporting film this week is 'Salute'.

A 2008 Australian documentary about the runner Peter Norman, who was the ‘third man’ in the famous black power salute by Tommie Smith and John Carlos at the 1968 Summer Olympics.

A powerful story directed by Matthew Norman, Peter’s nephew, about Norman’s subsequent exile from Australian sport as a result of his views on racial equality.

Jacqui Dankworth on Shakespeare and All That Jazz- @jacquidankworth

Today we spoke to British jazz singer Jacqui Dankworth, daughter of the jazz musician, arranger and composer Sir John Dankworth and the singer Dame Cleo Laine.

For the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, Jacqui thought it would be most appropriate to visit the musical settings of Shakespeare’s poetry that inspired the seminal 1964 album “Shakespeare and All That Jazz” composed by her late father for her mother. 

The performance tomorrow night at the Maltings Theatre will include “Shall I Compare Thee To A Summer’s Day”, “O Mistress Mine”, “Fear No More The Heat O’ The Sun”, the story of “Macbeth” and much more. 

Jacqui Dankworth @ Maltings Arts Theatre - St Albans, United Kingdom

Tickets are still available at this time on the Maltings Theatre website and http://stalbansshakespeare.co.uk/

To keep updated with Jacqui's work you can visit her website http://jacquidankworth.com/

And if you missed the interview you can listen again by going to http://listenagain.radioverulam.com/ and navigating to this evening's drivetime show at 5.30

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Chris' Film Club: Jerry Maguire.

Today's Sports Film is 'Jerry Maguire', starring Tom Cruise.

Written and directed by Cameron Crowe, its about a sports agent (Cruise) who has an epiphany about his work, and then finds himself with only one client, a loudmouth American Footballer called Rod Tidwell (Cuba Gooding Jr).

The film also stars Renee Zellweger, Jonathan Lipnicki and Jay Mohr.

The Drivetime Sessions: Hidden Jules @Hidden_Jules_

Today we were grateful to have the 'Hidden Jules' John and Jules in the Studio for the Drivetime Sessions.

As always on the Sessions we requested the Duo play two of their own original works, along with covering another Artist's song.

The Hidden Jules started with 'Thorn Inside You', a song from their newest album (due early July), then played 'Her Rock', before finishing with a cover of The Beatle's 'Come Together'.

For updates from Jules and John you can visit their Facebook page.

And if you wanted to listen to their performance again, or missed out, you can visit http://listenagain.radioverulam.com/ and navigate to Wednesday's Drivetime Show from 5.30

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Bake it Easy with Lucy Clark: 'Tof-Mal-Nut' Cupcakes @heavensacupcake

Our local Baking Correspondent Lucy Clark was here in the studio today with a special cupcake recipe.

During a recent visit to Wheatfields School, Lucy held a competition among the Year 4 Students to decide on a new cupcake flavour she would then create, with the winner being James Glasspell's combination of toffee, marshmallow and nuts.

Click here to download the recipe.

For more recipes and updates from Lucy you can visit http://www.heavenisacupcake.net/

Chris' Film Club: Once In a Lifetime

Today we continue the week of sport themed films with 'Once In a Lifetime'

The 2006 documentary is about the New York Cosmos, the most famous football club in US history, and their attempts to make ‘soccer’ in America huge.

The club brought huge names like Pele, Franz Beckenbauer, Carlos Alberto and Georgio Chinaglia, and lived the Galactico lifestyle.

Monday, 16 May 2016

Chris' Film Club: Moneyball

'Sports Movies' are the theme for the Film Club this week, starting today with 'Moneyball'.

The true-life story of Billy Beane (Brad Pitt), who while as the General Manager of the Oakland Athletics tried to introduce a new system of recruiting players, and was met with both unprecedented hostility and success.

Written by Aaron Sorkin, it stars Pitt, Jonah Hill, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Chris Pratt and Robin Wright.

Photographic correspondent - Kim Leuenberger

Kim joined us tonight following her extensive travels,amongst the tips Kim gave us were;

Take a camera that can perform a number of functions
A compact camera that will fit into your pocket
Using a smart phone can produce good images but may make you a target for theft.
Kim has a twitter account at #kimleuen

Friday, 13 May 2016

The Radio Verulam Film Guide: Friday 13th May 2016

Simon was in the studio this afternoon, but it was touch and go for a while. You see, Simon had been diagnosed with rabies earlier in the week. Not many people get rabies these days (no-one has acquired it in the UK since 1902) but Simon is special that way. The doctor was especially concerned with how Simon caught the disease. Normally it is from scratch or bite from an infected animal, but instead it was because Simon bit a fox. Right on the back. Apparently it was harassing his chickens and so Simon showed it a thing or two by stalking it through the woods in the dead of night and biting it. I'm sure it got the message.

But don't be worried reader, while rabies is usually fatal, Simon's 'unique' biological make-up means that he is hardy enough to withstand it. Basically, throughout his 109 years on this planet, Simon has caught a little of pretty much every disease going, and is thus immune to them. The only thing he isn't immune to is the charms of Sandra Bullock.

Ok, that was a lie (except for the rabies fact!), but Simon was in the studio to talk about the UK box office, new releases in the cinema, and his pick of films on TV for the coming week. 

Tower Block
9.00pm – 10.55pm

The King’s Speech
9.00pm – 11.20pm

Calamity Jane
4.20pm – 6.30pm

21 Jump Street
9.00pm – 11.05pm
Channel 5

6.40pm – 9.00pm

9.00pm – 12.00am

Warm Bodies
10.50pm – 12.45am

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Chris' Film Club: Men in Black III

Our final sequel for the Film Club this week, today we look at 'Men In Black III'.

After the disappointing 2nd film, the M.I.B. series returns to form. Agent J (Will Smith) has to go back in time to save his partner, Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) and the rest of the world from a mad alien out for revenge. To do so, he must team up with a younger K, played here by Josh Brolin.

Also stars Jermaine Clement, Michael Stuhlbarg, and Emma Thompson.

Phil Aldridge of the Illegal Eagles @IllegalEagles1

Joining us in the studio this afternoon via phone was Phil Aldridge, drummer for 'The Illegal Eagles'; popular tribute to the band 'The Eagles'.

He discussed their appreciation for the classic band and it's members, but also about their current tour which includes a performance at the Alban Arena Saturday the 21st of May.

We're grateful to Phil for taking the time to talk to us and wish him and the other Illegal Eagles the best for their upcoming performances.

For more information and updates from the Illegal Eagles you can visit their official website here, or check out their Facebook 

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Chris' Film Club: The Silence Of The Lambs

Today's Film Club looks at 1991's 'The Silence Of The Lambs'.

Based on Thomas Harris’ book of the same name, and following on from Michael Mann’s critically lauded but financially unsuccessful Manhunter, it’s a film about an FBI agent (Jodie Foster) who uses the help of cannibalistic serial killer Hannibal Lecter (Anthony Hopkins) to catch an equally grotesque killer, Buffalo Bill (Ted Levine).

Also stars Scott Glenn and Anthony Heald.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Chris' Film Club: The Empire Strikes Back

Today's Film Sequel is'The Empire Strikes Back', 2nd in the original Star Wars trilogy, and arguably the best.

After the destruction of the Death Star in the first film, the Rebel Alliance are now hiding on the ice planet Hoth, but an unexpected attack by the Empire causes our heroes to divide and go on the run.

Stars Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, and Billy Dee Williams.

Health Matters - May 10 2016

Four Issues in Tonight’s DriveTime

1. A New Health Hub for St Albans?
Plans are evolving for a new Health Hub in St Albans; the District Council and a developer, Angle Property, are drawing up plans to redevelop buildings and land near the corner of Victoria Street and Bricket Road. The current Community Health Facility will be at least double its current size. Three surgeries are interested – Maltings, Parkbury House, and Harvey House.

Angle Property is holding a CONSULTATION about its plans for the site, at Marlborough Road Methodist Church Hall.

* Friday 13th May 2pm - 6pm
* Saturday 14th May 10am - 1pm.

2. An Extra £2.4bn for Primary Care
Five critical commitments from NHS for GP Surgeries
2.1 An increase in funding – it has been declining for over 10 years as a percentage of NHS Funding
2.2 Workforce Support – there is a real issue over recruitment and retention of GPs and this will be addressed at last
2.3 Reducing the Workload
2.4 Investment in Premises and IT
2.5 New Models of Care

3. Repeat Prescriptions
Reducing waste - £3bn of medicines wasted a year in our area; new rules for repeat prescriptions. Repeat Prescription Form on Order online. You can’t order them over the telephone any more!

4. Patient Opt-Outs
Patients have been able to “opt out” of their data being available for “secondary use” (i.e. not for their direct care) for over 2 years – but the NHS has not been able to process them – until now! But just last week it emerged that the Royal Free had released 5 years worth of records to Google -including records of people who had opted out!

So, is it time for you to reconsider whether you should opt out? Full details here

Monday, 9 May 2016

Chris' Film Club: Jurassic World

This week the Film Club theme is 'Good Sequels', and we start off with last year's summer bestseller 'Jurassic World'.

Directed by Colin Trevorrow, Jurassic World is the 4th film in the series, and sees Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard try to avert catastrophe when an incredibly deadly genetically engineered dino is let loose.

Also stars Vincent D’Onofrio, Ty Simpkins, Nick Robinson and Jake Johnson.

Consumer Advice

Tonight we welcomed Elizabeth Crampton from the Citizens Advice Bureau onto the show where the following subjects were covered.

Pension scams have become more common since April 2015, when new rules allowed people to take some or all of their pension pot as a lump sum. These scams are fake investments designed to con you out of your money. They are often extremely convincing and anyone can be caught out.

Find out about scams and what to watch for at Pension Wise:https://www.pensionwise.gov.uk

Student Lets

A letting agency can help you find accommodation owned by a private landlord. Some will help you simply to find accommodation, but many letting agencies manage properties on behalf of a landlord, which means that you may have no direct contact with your landlord.

For information on renting from a letting agency, see Renting from a letting agency [ 130 kb]

Self Employment

Friday, 6 May 2016

The Radio Verulam Film Guide: Friday 6th May 2016

Four score and seven years ago, Simon was leaving university and looking for something to do with his life. He looked at all the usual careers that young people look at: rock star, body builder, exotic dancer. Simon decided that none of them were viable careers in the long term (but he still does the exotic dancing as a weekend hobby) and so ended up doing poorly paid part-time job after poorly paid part-time job. Soon Simon grew disillusioned with life, but as life reached it's lowest ebb, something unexpected happened to irreversibly change his life.

Simon was walking past a Blockbusters (remember them?) on his way back from his exotic dance class when it exploded, blasting VHS cassettes (remember them?) across the street towards Simon. One particularly fast moving tape hit Simon on the head, lodging itself in the side of his skull. Simon stumbled over to the nearest phone box (remember them?) and called the local hospital (remember them?). Once the doctor dislodged the cassette - which turned out to be a copy of James Cameron's directorial debut Piranha 2 - Simon was overcome with the feeling that he had found his calling. He knew what he wanted to do now. He decided that he would be a film reviewer, and he's been sort of vaguely doing that ever since.

Ok, that was a lie, but Simon was in the studio to talk about the UK box office, new releases in the cinema, and his pick of films on TV for the coming week. 

8.00pm – 10.50pm

You’ve Got Mail
5.05pm – 7.30pm

9.00pm – 11.25pm
Channel 4

The Rescuers
3.50pm – 5.25pm
Channel 4

City of Angels
4.15pm – 6.30pm

Second Coming
11.35pm – 1.40am

My Week with Marilyn
10.00pm – 11.30pm

Spring Breakers
10.40pm – 12.25am

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Chris' Film Club: From Dusk Till Dawn

Concluding our week of Tarantino's works, today's Film Club focuses on 'From Dusk Till Dawn'.

Tarantino and George Clooney play brothers in one of the least likely casting moves in history. The two are criminals who take a family hostage to ease their passage into Mexico. They plan to meet their contact at a bar just across the border, but it turns out that the staff aren’t all they seem…

Also stars Harvey Keitel, Juliette Lewis, Ernest Liu, Salma Hayek, Cheech Marin and Tom Savini.

Thrifty Spending w/Penny Carr @BeingMrsC

We were joined once again in the studio today by our very own Thrifty Correspondent Penny Carr.

The Thrifty focus for today was travel, and how you can get around most cost-efficiently.

Penny wants to make people aware of the Friends and Family Railcards available online at http://www.familyandfriends-railcard.co.uk/ by entering the codes that will be available on the back of 'The Sun' for the next few days.

She also advises people to 'be creative' with holidays for their young children, suggesting quick trips to closer locations via slower methods such as sleeper train coaches, and looking at cheap, free and fun activities.

Also, cheap flight bookings are recommended, looking at websites such as Kayak, The Skyscanner or travelsupermarket will often find you cheap tickets.

To read more from Penny you can visit her blog; beingmrsc.com
And if you missed out on her segment today you can go to http://listenagain.radioverulam.com/ and navigate to Thursday at 5:30.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Chris' Film Club: Planet Terror

On today's Film Club we look at 'Planet Terror', the film produced by Quentin Tarantino and directed by Robert Rodriguez.

 A small town comes under zombie attack from people infected by a toxic chemical, and only a small group of skilled survivors can stop the problem at it's source,

Stars Rose McGowan, naveen Andrews, Josh Brolin, Freddy Rodriguez, Marley Shelton, and Bruce Willis.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Chris' Film Club: The Hateful Eight

For this Tuesday's edition of the Film Club Chris looks at Tarantino's latest release 'The Hateful Eight'.

Written and directed by Tarantino, it sees eight strangers trapped together in a lodge during a terrible blizzard. One of the eight is a criminal, on her way to hang, and her captor believes at least one of the eight is going to try and help her escape.

Stars Kurt Russell, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Samuel L. Jackson, Walton Goggins, Damien Bechir, Tim Roth, Michael Madsen and Bruce Dern as the ‘Hateful Eight’.

Local Literary feature with Marie Kemplay

Today we were joined by Marie Kemplay and Howard Linskey.  Howard's new book, 'Dead Behind Eyes', is going to be released on the 19th of May.  It's the second book in three, but it can also be read as a stand alone book. His book is a crime novel set in the 90s, and Howard chose to set it then because he himself was a journalist at this time, so he can write with a great deal of accuracy.  Setting it in the 90s means that the characters in the book are able to use less technology, but this makes the novels more interesting as it is more challenging for them to solve the crime.  While writing this book, Howard was influenced by issues in the media, such as corruption and bribery.  He said he looks at news stories and exaggerates them into crime fiction, because in many cases life is stranger than fiction.  This book is set in Newcastle and many places mentioned are real places.
Howard's book launch is taking place on the 11th June in Waterstones in Welwyn Garden City, between 6pm and 8pm.   Howard's website is www.howardlinskey.co.uk  and his twitter is @HowardLinskey

After Howard left, Marie discussed the new Harry Potter play, 'Harry Potter and the Cursed Child', which is being released on the 31st July.  This date is notable not only because it is JK Rowling's birthday, but it is also Harry Potter's birthday as well.  In addition to this, an original map of Middle Earth drawn by JRR Tolkien has been found.  It includes notes to the illustrator and gives fans a greater insight into the world of Middle Earth.

Monday, 2 May 2016

Chris' Film Club: Death Proof

Chris returns to the Film Club this week, choosing the works of Quentin Tarantino as a theme.

First this week we have 'Death Proof'; Tarantino’s Grindhouse’ film about a psychotic stunt driver (Kurt Russell) who preys on innocent women as his victims, until he comes across a group a little stronger than he thought.

Also stars Rosario Dawson, Zoe Bell, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Rose McGowan.