Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Bake it Easy with Lucy Clark - Victoria Sponge @heavensacupcake

Today Lucy talked about a cake she is making for the mayor's party. She is making a classic Victoria sponge. This cake is good for a standard birthday cake because it's easy to make.

To make this cake you will need: flour, butter, caster sugar, egg, flavouring (traditionally vanilla- vanilla extract, essence or bean paste are some of the products you could use). Just put in a couple of teaspoons because when you make a sponge you should make sure your ingredients weigh equal amounts. For a normal sized birthday cake you should have roughly 250 g of each ingredient, and 4 eggs. If you want to make a bigger cake you should just increase the amount of ingredients.

Put all the ingredients in mixer, mix and put in the mixture in a cake tin. If you're making a sandwich you should use 2 separate cake tins and then sandwich them together, or you could cut the whole cake in half afterwards but this is probably harder to do. If you put it in smaller tins it bakes quicker, so be careful.

Put in the tins into the oven for 20-25 minutes at 170 degrees Celsius. Don't open the oven to check repeatedly because this will affect how the cake bakes adversely. You could dust the top with icing sugar and for the middle you could use jam and buttercream, or fresh cream (such as double cream or whipping cream-whisk for a couple of minutes).

Traditionally you should use strawberry jam but you could use raspberry jam or blackcurrant jam. To prepare buttercream use 250g butter and 500g sugar (the butter should be half the amount the sugar is) and mix together gently and pop in the middle. To colour your icing you could use food colouring. To change the flavour of the cake you could substitute the vanilla for another flavour such as cocoa powder, lemon, or espresso powder.

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