Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Styling For Sale With Gwendoline Alderton @GA_Interiors

For this month's interior design feature Gwendoline talked about styling for sale, and how to make your home look appealing to buyers.

Gwendoline spoke of how buyers should be able to visualise the rooms' potential as this will make it more marketable and will increase the chance of selling it. Furnishing unused rooms with cheap furniture, such as temporary beds and cupboards, makes the room more appealing to adverts.

Changing the interior design of your house might cause some upheavals in your life but it will be worth it when you can move to your new home! It is the perfect opportunity to have a clear out to de-clutter your life, so it is easier to move when the time comes, and so your house looks neater. Gwendoline's advice also included making sure that animals are not around during viewings, using light bouncy colours for the walls, especially pastel/white colours as the room appears to be more spacious.

If you like to find more information about interior design you can visit Gwendoline Alderton's twitter or website!

Written by Harry Derbyshire and Annie Lawrence

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