Monday, 7 March 2016

Penny Carr: Being Thrifty with @BeingMrsC

Today, our thriftiness correspondent Penny Carr was in the studio once again to discuss all the ways in which we can save money.

First of all, she told us about Ilona Richards, Britain's 'most frugal pensioner, who manages to live on £2,400 a year. Methods of Ilona's we can use to save money ourselves include microwaving water to make cups of tea, or going shopping at 7:30 in the evening, when the shops reduce their prices for the final time that day.

Penny also discussed the upcoming Easter holidays. Hertfordshire county council have set the Easter holidays for kids in the county a week later than for most other schools in the country. This means that there are savings of up to £800 available in Centre parcs, and holiday cottages can be booked at half price.

Finally, she recommended online surveys as a way of making easy, quick money. Although such surveys don't pay very much, there are smartphone apps available that allow you to them surveys quickly and whenever you have a few minutes spare.

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