Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Health Matters - March 15 2016

Four subjects covered in this evening's DriveTime:-

1. One You Program

It’s all about Wellbeing – a new program to give structure and meaning to staying well.

The Quiz – do take it; it’s really interesting.

The Six Areas
  • Eating – eat sensibly – it’s more than just 5 a day!
  • Drinking – in moderation; but don’t over do it!
  • Moving – moderate and vigorous activity
  • Sleeping – 8 hours +/-.   Quality nit quantity; lots of good tips – e.g. mood
  • Smoking – ½ of long term smokers die from a smoking related illness. Lots of ideas here
  • Stress – a little stress in our lives is good for us – unmanageable it becomes a problem; things you can do for yourself; if it gets worse, seek help.

2. Medicines

In our area of West Herts it’s estimated that around £3m worth of medicines are wasted every year. Enough for 10 ambulances. Three Causes – Mistakes; Not taking; Over-ordering. Se how you can help -

3. Some Statistics

  • Hospital Beds. The United Kingdom has just 3 hospital beds per 1000 people whilst Germany has over 8 per 1,000. In the WHHT area the figure is just half of the UK average. 
  • Hospital Provision. In the North East there is one acute hospital for every 153,000 population; in our region, East of England, the average is one for every 280,000. In the WHHT area the figure is 1 for every 625,000.
  • Diagnostic Equipment. In the OECD League Table for the provision of diagnostic equipment per million people the UK comes 28th out of 30 countries; and West Herts has less than half the UK average.
  • Targets for Diagnosis. The UK standard is that no more that 1% of people should have to wait over 6 weeks to have access to a diagnostic test; the latest figures that SAPG has seen show that the figure for WHHT  is over 13% miss the 6 week target.

Have your say – go to http://www.sapg.org.uk/latest-news

4. Hubs in St Albans & Harpenden
Hear the facts at the SAPG Meeting on March 30th. Details here

Finally ........ Go Well!

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