Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Health Matters - FEB 9 2016

Four Issues in tonight's Drivetime:

1. Patient Experience in our Hospitals - there are three critical measures on hospital experience:-
1.1 Accident and Acute Cases - Watford Hospital is still experiencing long waiting times
1.2 Beds per 1,000 inhabitants - we are among the lowest in the country
1.3 Diagnostics - the Government guideline is that no more than 1% of patients should wait longer than 6 weeks - Watford have over 13%
It's not clear what will happen to St Albans City Hospital but patients in Hemel Hempstead are calling for a new hospital on land between St Albans and Hemel - with an A&E!

2. St Albans Local Strategic Plan - Healthcare can't cope at the moment - how will it cope with the 30,000 extra people that this pan envisages by 2030? The plan virtually ignores healthcare provision and we have grounds for complaint. Make your views known here http://stalbans-consult.limehouse.co.uk/portal/planning_policy/strategic_local_plan_2016/slp2016

3. Rapid Response Team - There is a new (since NOV last year) team that aims to provide emergency care in our homes - so far over 90% of the cases they have dealt with so far have not had to go to A&E. Patients can only be referred to them by a Healthcare Professional so if your doctor, 999, or 111 is thinking of referring you to A&E ask them if they consider you would be better being referred to the Rapid Response Team

4. Zika Virus - now a World Health Emergency and very dangerous too. Everything you need to know about it is right here

Alan Bellinger
9th Feb 2016

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