Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Local Literary Feature with Jonathan Stroud @JonathanAStroud

Today we were joined by Jonathan Stroud author of the Lockwood & Co series of Young Adult fantasy books. The most recent book in the series - The Hollow Boy - came out in September last year. The books are set in a London where there has been outbreak of hauntings and paranormal activity for the past 50 years - and only children can see and deal with the ghosts! Lockwood runs a ghost detective agency, and with help from Lucy (our narrator) and George, and they have many adventures dealing with all types of ghosts, ghouls and poltergeists.

Jonathan talked about how when he is writing he imagines he is writing for his 12 year old self, and how much satisfaction he gets from creating and exploring the fantasy universes he creates.

He also heads-up the Freedom to Think campaign - a campaign which encourages parents to allow their children to have time to think, be creative and learn through unstructured playtime. More on the campaign here: http://freedomtothinksite.tumblr.com/about

For more info about Jonathan's work visit: http://www.jonathanstroud.com/

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