Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Health Matters - 12th Jan with Alan Bellinger

1. Your Care, Your Future – Hubs

Currently services are too often fragmented, and the concept is to bring services together in a hub. Hubs will mean that:
* Health and social care teams will be based together  
* Network of services closer to where we live.
* GP and primary care services will be available, alongside wellbeing advice and social and community care.  
* Include other services such as children’s centres and voluntary sector organisations.  
* Health and wellbeing hubs could offer urgent care too,

Two key documents – summary booklet

and full Strategic Outline Case.


2. Shingles

Are you eligible for the vaccine? Have you received a letter from your surgery? If, on SEP 1st last year, you were
* 70 or 71
* 78 or 79
Then you are eligible for a free jab at your surgery

Full details here

3. New Alcohol Guidelines

First time we’ve been told that alcohol is a health risk. Tough new limits – 14 units a week and 3 or more days alcohol free. Not “Nanny-State”; read the advice and make up your mind!

What is a unit? Amount the liver can break down (metabolise) in one hour
* Single shot of spirits (25ml): 1 unit
* Small glass of wine (125ml): 1.5 units
* Pint of 4% strength beer:      2.3 units
* Pint of strong cider (8%):       4.5 units 
Read the facts and make up your mind


4. St Albans Rapid Response Team

The Rapid Response Service was set up in St. Albans and Harpenden last autumn. It provides short term crisis management and stabilisation for people with physical, mental, therapy or social care needs who need urgent support but not medical care or diagnosis.

Over 18’s can be referred by GP’s or other health and social care professionals. It is available 8.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. 7 days a week. 

Hear the facts at the SAPG Meeting on January 27th. Details here

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