Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Health Matters: Strategic Review Of Health Care & Staying Well This Winter

Today on Health Matters, Alan discusses about the final three key topics for this years feature, with the return of the section of the show on January 12th next year!

Your Care, Your Future

The first topic for this weeks Health Matters was about the Strategic Review of Health care and Social Services in West Herts, which started 12 months ago and just came to some key conclusions.

Discussed was the hospitals in the area centralising with local hubs for diagnostics urgent care, and possibly recovery. Three options were considered which included: 
  • Centralise at a new build 
  • Centralise at Watford 
  • Acute at Watford and planned care at St Albans
You can find out more information about the Strategic Review by clicking on the links below:

So – will the strategic review be strategic, or a quick fix?

"Stay Well This Winter"

With Christmas fast approaching and Winter being the worst time of the year for our health, Alan spoke about some of the many ways we can help ourselves. The main parts are covered here  which included exercising as much as you can whilst avoiding the icy streets, as well as watching out for others; becoming a good neighbour for your area!


And the final topic spoken about this week was about bacteria becoming more resistant to antibiotics with many GP's becoming under pressure to prescribe them much less. So next time your doctor says that antibiotics may not help, don't be suprised!

You can find out more about Antibiotic Awareness here.

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