Thursday, 19 November 2015

HIV Awareness With Ian Murtagh From @CrescentSupport

We were joined by Ian Murtagh today, who spoke about the publicity of HIV and the overall support and care for people living with HIV/AIDS. A topic that has recently been publicised in the media/press from the recent news of Charlie Sheen, as well as the underlying stigma that still remains a challenge for those affected.

The Crescent are an organisation that offers an 'open door' approach in which all are welcome to call in during office hours for information, advice and support in regards to those affected by HIV/AIDS. A dedicated centre located in St Albans whose philosophy is that if you're living with or affected by HIV then they are very much there to help!

Ian continued, to speak about HIV home testing which is now be offered by the Crescent within an HIV home sampling kit for those who wish to test in their own home with results delivered by the Crescent once analysed. This is an addition to their instant result HIV testing service and the other services that Crescent provide.

A HIV awareness raising and busking event is taking place at the St Albans Clock Tower from 11am-4pm on Saturday 5th December for the fundraising of the Crescent support group. More details of the event can be found below on the poster. You can also visit their website or their Twitter(@CrescentSupport) and Facebook page for more details on the organisation and their support.

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