Thursday, 12 November 2015

Catherine, Jonathan and Susan with Sustainable St Albans: @SustainableStA

On today's edition of West Herts Drivetime Danny was joined by Catherine Ross,  Jonathan Musk and Susan Leggot, all collaborators in Sustainable St Albans Week.

The topics discussed included the week itself, the array of Hybrid/Electric cars that will be on display at the Alban Arena on the 21st, where Electric Blue will have their electric taxis on display, along with the opportunity to win a Nissan I8 for the weekend, and the film "Cowspiracy" about the secrets of the meat industry, playing at the odyssey the closing Saturday of the week. 

Over 100 events will be running over the course of the week, starting November 21st and finishing on the 28th.

To download a flyer or for more details you can visit the Sustainable St Albans site by clicking here

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