Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Annie's Film Club: UP

The second of the Pixar films for this weeks Film Club theme is UP, which was released back in 2009 during the Summer as a Disney Pixar collaboration. The film is known for its emotional introduction to the narrative with the gorgeously composed soundtrack, Married Life, which left many of the audience expressing a great deal of emotions!

The animated comedy follows the journey of a young Carl Fredrickson who meets a young adventure-spirited girl named Ellie. They both dream of living beside Paradise Falls with each other, but 70 years later, Ellie has died. Still up for the adventure and to complete his promise to her, Carl and his balloon lifted house begin to embark the journey, to soon be halted by a stowaway aboard. 8-year-old wilderness explorer, Russell, joins an unforgettable adventure with talking dogs, a villain and talking dodo bird named Kevin. All Russell wanted was to achieve his 'Assisting the Elderly' badge!

Directed by Pixar Voice actor and Writer Bob Peterson, who also appears in the film as Dug the talking dog who adventures with Carl, Russell and Kevin. It also stars the voices of Edward Asner as Carl, Jordan Nagai as Russell and Christopher Plummer as the evil explorer, Charles Muntz.

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