Monday, 26 October 2015

Wacky Maths with Claire Oglesby of @mathswackyway

Today Claire Oglesby was in the studio to discuss her innovative, "wacky", approach to teaching maths.

A lifelong maths enthusiast, Claire drew on her experiences as a maths tutor at university (no prizes for guessing her degree choice) to write a book. Maths the Wacky Way aims to inject fun into a subject students are often bored by, with a focus on secondary-school-age students. Including things like a fractions-based dance, the book has proven to be a hit with students and parents alike.

Claire is also actively involved in the local community. As part of the Dragons Apprentice challenge, she and a fellow dragon are guiding a group of local students called Team Emerald.

You can find out more on Twitter or by visiting Claire's website

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