Monday, 19 October 2015

Portraits with @kimleuen

Thanks to Angela Clarke for the photo

On today's show our resident Photography Correspondent, Kim Leuenberger, discussed portrait photography.  She explained that, as far as she was concerned, this referred to photographing people or objects, regardless of the picture orientation.

One of the important things to remember when photographing people is the rule of thirds; try to keep the object in the bottom two thirds of the picture frame.  Kim also mentioned how to keep the object in focus, explaining that some amazing effects can be achieved using the focus settings on your camera (even on your phone).  One such effect is where the object of your portrait photograph is in focus whilst the image surrounding the object is slightly out of focus.  This can be achieved with adjustments to the focus settings (sometimes, by simply tapping the middle of your phone screen) or applying a Tilt Shift filter in Instagram (or similar) apps.

Kim prides herself on her photographic prowess and believes she can spot whether a photograph has had this filter applied or whether the effect has been achieved using the focus settings.  Therefore, I showed her an image recently taken by friend of the show, local author Angela Clarke (new book Follow Me out soon!).  The photograph is a beautiful portrait picture of her husband Sam (it is unknown if he has a book out soon!) playing a piano at St Pancras train station.  Kim almost immediately identified that the picture was adjusted using the Tilt Shift filter - even spotting that it was the radial filter that was applied!

You can find out more about Kim and photography via and she is @kim.ou on Instagram.

To hear the feature again, go to and navigate to Monday at 5.30pm.  It will be available for seven days after broadcast.

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