Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Local literary feature with @JulieMayhew

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In this month's literary feature I spoke to Berkhamsted-based author Julie Mayhew. She most recently released 'The Big Lie' a book about life for teenager, Jessika Keller, in modern day England. But the difference is this is an England where World War II ended very differently, and the Nazi's are in power - a world of regime and very strict rules. I found it a challenging, and slightly disturbing read, but very enjoyable.

Julie told us about how when writing the book she wondered whether she like Jessika she would have struggled to find the courage to rebel against the oppressive regime, or like Jessika's best friend Clementine, would she have stood up to the world's injustices. She also revealed a surprising source of inspiration for the book - Justin Bieber! (in a roundabout way at least)

Julie is also involved with lots of local literary events in Berkhamsted. The Berko Writer's Workshop will be hosting Jamie Fewery to talk about his debut novel, The Last Pilot on Tuesday 20th October. The Berko writer's website has all the details, as well as information about how to sign up for writing workshops! (for all of you out there with literary ambitions): www.berkowriters.co.uk

She is also a driving force behind the Berko Speakeasy - a cabaret of short stories. The next one will be happening on November 11th with the theme of the Great Outdoors: www.berkospeakeasy.co.uk/

There are also a number of events happening in St Albans supported or hosted by St Albans Waterstones. These include an Evening with Melvyn Bragg in the Lady Chapel of St Albans Cathedral on November 17th and the Great St Albans Bake Off next week - find more details on St Alban's Waterstones facebook page: www.facebook.com/waterstones.stalbans

You can listen to this month's literary slot again at:  www.radioverulam.com/listenagain and navigate to Tuesday at 5.30pm.

Bye for now! See you in a month!


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