Tuesday, 23 June 2015

How to use colour in your home @GA_Interiors

Gwedoline Alderton owner of GA Interiors,  joins us in the studio today to give her expert advice on how to use colour in your home.

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Before you choose the colour scheme for your room, consider first the light levels in the room and then think about how you want the room to feel.

For a spacious, open and relaxed feel - opt for blues, greens or yellows.

For a warm, cosy, nurturing or fun feel - opt for reds, oranges and purples.

For vibrancy, contrast colours and for balance, use a harmonious scheme.

If you don't feel confident with mixing colours, go for a monochromatic scheme.  For instance if you choose blue as the main colour, use an off white with a hint of blue on the walls, choose a mid range blue for your sofas and then accessorise with dark blue eg a vase or cushions.

For inspiration on choosing your main wall colour you could try pulling out a colour from a piece of artwork, or some curtains.

Get yourself a colour wheel!

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