Monday, 8 June 2015

Consumer Advice

Tonight on West Herts Drivetime Elizabeth Crampton from the Citizens Advice Bureau was our guest, the following items were covered.

Work Place Pensions

Employers are now legally obligated to automatically enrol their eligible jobholders into a qualifying pension scheme


Each year millions of people in the UK fall prey to scammers. Some estimates of the total cost of mass-marketed scams are as high as £5 billion. The truth is - with reporting levels as low as 5 per cent - this cost could be far higher.

However, talking of thousands, millions or even billions of pounds undervalues the wider social cost of scams: the blight they bring to people’s lives, the emotional trauma for families and the loss of confidence among not only their victims, but every consumer who hears about them.

Scams Awareness Month 2015 (SAM15) will take place this July with the theme "Don't be Rushed, Don't be Hushed". The campaign aims to stop people being rushed into hasty decisions by scammers

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