Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Inspirational interior design for childrens' bedrooms @GA_Interiors

Gwendoline Alderton, Creative Director of GA Interiors joins us in the studio today with great tips and advice for decorating childrens' bedrooms, whether the room is for a baby, toddler or teenager!

Baby's room, especially if you don't know whether the bundle of joy is to be a boy or a girl, a fabulous colour combination is gold and cream. You'll find plenty of drawer space really useful too. Gwendoline recommends subdued, low level lighting for night time.

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Toddlers' rooms are ideal for experimenting with inspiring colours such as this season's trendy custard yellow.  Alternatively Gwendoline recommends apple green which is motivational and stimulating. They'll need 'dump boxes' for all their toys.  Try labelling them with either pictures or writing (depending on their age) to encourage them to put toys away. You can also introduce stronger images of their favourite book or film characters, to reflect their own personalities. Use dimmer switches or fun lamps in case they wake in the night.

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Teenagers like to choose their own colour schemes but you can ensure they have enough shelving and wardrobe space.  A desk is really important for them.

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Important considerations for children of all ages when making decisions about their rooms are noise levels, temperature and lighting.



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