Thursday, 30 April 2015

Chris' Film Club: White Christmas (1954)

Starring Danny Kaye. Also stars Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney. It is about two entertainers in the army, who head north to do a special show for their commanding officer and get caught in a snowy wonderland. They also sing a tad.

Rod from St Albans Choral Society

Today we had Rod from The St Albans Choral Society. The Society has 110 members and performs classic compositions and contemporary classical music. The Society is currently full however it is looking for Tenors. On Saturday the 9th of May the Society will Celebrate its seventieth anniversary with a concert featuring compositions from Handel and Haydn. The concert will take place in The St Albans Abbey and tickets will range from £26 to £10. Tickets can be found online at or you can contact the ticket line with 07884231958. Finally The Society have launched a new initiative aimed at Local Schools and they are going to be performing a new concert based on the life of St Alban in July. If you would like to get in touch with the society you can visit their website at

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

The Drivetime Sessions With @HorsesCaution

This week on Drivetime Sessions we had the Caution Horses; who played two original songs and one cover. First, they played "My thanks to Dr Frankenstein", following with their new song "High Horse". After that they covered "Boys of Summer" originally by Don Henley.

You can view their music video to "My thanks to Dr Frankenstein" Below:

You can also find The Caution Horses on:


To listen again, go to  and navigate to Wednesday at 5:30 pm.

Chris' Film Club: Witness (1985)

Co-starring Danny Glover. Starring Harrison Ford, as a cop, who has to lay low in Amish country after a young Amish boy becomes a key witness in a crime involving corrupt cops. Also stars Kelly McGillis, Josef Sommer and Lukas Haas.

New Music Playlist w/c 27th April 2015 & this week's featured track by @flo_tweet

Hi Drivetimers

Here is our new music playlist for the forthcoming week:

Ali Campbell - I'm Missing You
Bellowhead - Roll Alabama
Beth Hart - Mechanical Heart
Blur - Lonesome Street
Brandon Flowers - Can't Deny My Love
Brooke Fraser - Kings & Queens
Chic ft Nile Rodgers - I'll Be There
Electro Velvet - Still In Love With You
George Ezra - Did You Hear The Rain?
Hozier - Someone New
Jess and the Bandits - You Can't Stop Me
LunchMoney Lewis - Bills
MAGIC! - No Way No
Meghan Trainor - Dear Future Husband
Mumford & Sons - Believe
Muse - Dead Inside
Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds - Riverman
OMI - Cheerleader
Paul Weller - Saturns Pattern
Rae Morris - Love Again
Sheppard - Geronimo
Stacey Solomon - Shy
Status Quo - Break The Rules (Live Aquostic Version)
Stevie McCrorie - Lost Stars
Texas - Are You Ready
The Proclaimers - You Built Me Up
The Shires - State Lines
Thea Gilmore - Coming Back To You
Walk the Moon - Shut Up And Dance
Will Young - Love Revolution

Items in BOLD are new additions

This week's featured track is Ship To Wreck by Florence + The Machine:

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Inspirational interior design for childrens' bedrooms @GA_Interiors

Gwendoline Alderton, Creative Director of GA Interiors joins us in the studio today with great tips and advice for decorating childrens' bedrooms, whether the room is for a baby, toddler or teenager!

Baby's room, especially if you don't know whether the bundle of joy is to be a boy or a girl, a fabulous colour combination is gold and cream. You'll find plenty of drawer space really useful too. Gwendoline recommends subdued, low level lighting for night time.

Image result for baby's rooms cream and gold

Toddlers' rooms are ideal for experimenting with inspiring colours such as this season's trendy custard yellow.  Alternatively Gwendoline recommends apple green which is motivational and stimulating. They'll need 'dump boxes' for all their toys.  Try labelling them with either pictures or writing (depending on their age) to encourage them to put toys away. You can also introduce stronger images of their favourite book or film characters, to reflect their own personalities. Use dimmer switches or fun lamps in case they wake in the night.

Image result for childrens rooms yellow Image result for small childrens bedroom ideas

Teenagers like to choose their own colour schemes but you can ensure they have enough shelving and wardrobe space.  A desk is really important for them.

Image result for teenagers room

Important considerations for children of all ages when making decisions about their rooms are noise levels, temperature and lighting.


Chris's Film Club: Romancing the Stone (1984)

Co-starring Danny DeVito. The film stars Kathleen Turner as a novelist whose sister is kidnapped because she has been sent a treasure map. She goes down to Colombia and escapes the baddies with the help of roguish bird smuggler, played by Michael Douglas.

Monday, 27 April 2015

Chris' Film Club: Sunshine (2007)

Directed by Danny Boyle. It is 2057 and The Sun is dying. A spacecraft is heading there to reignite it using a massive nuclear bomb. The mission does not go smoothly however. Stars Michelle Yeoh, Cliff Curtis, Rose Byrne, Chris Evans, Cillian Murphy, Benedict Wong and Mark Strong.

Science with Sam @smrolfe

Sam Rolfe our science correspondent was our guest tonight, here is the subject matter she covered. 


Whether a mosquito finds you tasty might be coded in your genes.

Plenty of factors could drive a mosquito's desire to bite: its prey's diet.

Scientists at Cardiff University and Kings College London have found out what causes asthma and how to switch it off.

Scientist of the month
Eugenie Clark (May 4, 1922 – February 25, 2015), sometimes referred to as The Shark Lady, was an Americanichthyologist known for her research on poisonous fish of the tropical seas and on the behavior of sharks. She was a pioneer in the field of scuba-diving for research purposes.

The Night Sky this month

Saturday, 25 April 2015

The Radio Verulam Film Guide: 24th April 2015

Mayor Matthew Broderick made good on his promise to 'purple, kumquat' (see last weeks post, although don't, because I spelt it wrong last week) and indeed arrived at the studio armed to the teeth with rotten kumquats, which turn purple when they rot. Fearing for the cleanliness of the newly furnished studio, the Drive Time team went into full defence mode. Chris and Honor built up the barricades by using all the furniture that was available in the office while Simon topped it off with the barbed wire that he keeps on his person 'just in case of emergency'. The plan was to wait Mayor Broderick out. They had more than enough food because of Danny's secret stock of Lucky Charms that he keeps in a draw under the desk. The plan was a sound one, until a few of Mayor Broderick's chums came by: his Secretary of War, Steve Guttenberg, and his Chief of Police, Fred Savage.

Savage, who became famous for his role in The Wonder Years and then as lead singer for death metal band Braindead Corgi Hell, is well known around St Albans for his often harsh policing methods and love of Shirley Temple films. However, our intrepid heroes were confident they could hold out against the terrible trio, until they saw Savage leading the police's new water cannon to the front door...

Will Danny, Simon, Honor and Chris survive?! Will they save the new studio?! Find out next week, in the latest instalment of Drive Time Dynamos!

Ok, that was a lie, but Simon was in the studio to talk about the UK box office top 10, his pick of films for the coming week on TV and the new releases in the cinema.

21 Jump Street
9.00pm – 11.15pm

Up in the Air
10.15pm – 12.00am

4.50pm – 6.35pm
Channel 4

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
5.45pm – 9.00pm

11.00pm – 1.30am
Channel 5

True Lies
10.35pm – 1.20am

12.20am – 2.40am

4.55pm – 7.15pm

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Chris' Film Club: Shakespeare in Love (1998)

Judi Dench won an Oscar for only 8 minutes of screen time. Stars Joseph Fiennes as ol’ Shakey and Gwyneth Paltrow as his love interest.

Catching Up with @followbessie

Radio Verulam is covering the progress of a group of cyclists on a four-day journey from Plymouth to St Albans in aid of Great Ormond Street Hospital and the Neuro Foundation.  There were inspired to raise money for these worthy causes by the plight of St Albans resident Bessie Davis, who was diagnosed with a condition called Neurofibromtosis last year.

You can keep up with the team's progress via their facebook group

If you would like to donate, their fundraising site is

Melvyn from Computer Friendly

Today we had Melvyn from Computer Friendly in the studio. Computer Friendly are one of Radio Veralum's community partners. Computer Friendly currently has 40 volunteers and are always looking for volunteers. Volunteers don't necessarily have to have a huge range of computer skills but any volunteer help is greatly appreciated.  Computer Friendly offer a range of daytime sessions for people to get in touch and join in with and activities range from playing solitaire to improve mouse skills or using Paint to gain experience using simple programs. Computer Friendly run a drop-in session every Monday from 10 am to 3:30 pm which is free, where anybody can come to book sessions. Computer Friendly is currently encouraging people to come down to their next five week course which costs £10 and will teach anybody interested how to use the internet more efficiently and receive and send emails with greater ease. If you would like to reach Computer Friendly or browse the extensive range of courses they cover you can call them on Skype using 02032391559 or you visit their website at

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Chris' Film Club: Jerry Maguire (1996)

A film about a sports agent who loses all his clients, bar one. Cuba Gooding Jr. won an Oscar for his portrayal of an American Footballer who sticks with his agent. Also stars Renee Zellweger.

The Drivetime Sessions with Melodi

Live in the studio this Wednesday we were joined by the local singer-songwriter Melodi. She played two of her own songs for us: 'He Danced Better Than You' and 'I Want You', as well as a cover of the Neil Young  song, 'Old Man'.

For information about private bookings, her upcoming gigs and any new music go to her Facebook page or check out her website at

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Chris' Film Club: Leon: The Professional (1994)

Gary Oldman shines in his supporting actor role in this Luc Besson film about a reclusive hitman (Jean Reno), who befriends a little girl (Natalie Portman).

Lucy Clark @heavensacupcake

Owner of St Albans' Premier Cupcake Company, Lucy Clark joins us in the studio today to share another of her mouthwatering recipes...


Image result for vanilla biscuits     Image result for vanilla bean

Follow this link to the recipe:

Lucy's top tips for this recipe include:

  • Use the paddle attachment (rather than balloon whisk) of your mixer
  • Don't mix for too long (the biscuits will become chewy)
  • If possible, use vanilla beans rather than extract                                                      

Visit Lucy's great website:
Follow Lucy on twitter: @heavensacupcake