Monday, 2 February 2015

Thrifty Correspondent Penny Carr on Charity Shop purchases and buying second hand @beingmrsc

Joining us in the studio today was Penny Carr, Thrifty Correspondent, who spoke to us about Caroline Jones who has decided she is going to wear a new outfit each day of 2015. The stipulation is however, that each outfit must be purchased from the Cancer Awareness Charity Shops.

Caroline's goal is to raise awareness of charity shops, to increase donations to said shops and to prove that charity wear can also be stylish.

Caroline's Facebook: 
Caroline's Twitter: @knickersmyown

Penny also went on to mention other methods of buying and selling second hand items and alternatives to eBay.

  • Facebook groups - local Facebook groups can facilitate trade of second hand items on a local level.
  • Gumtree/Preloved - alternative websites designed for selling items you no longer use.
  • Freegle - 'Don't throw it away, give it away!'
For more advise from Penny, visit her site:

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